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Weekend Recap

This weekend Tanner & Amanda came up from Chicago for a visit!
We ate tons of good food, played many games, took lots of pictures, drank boxed wine, thrifted, danced a little (well maybe just me), froze our bums off and got toasty by the fire.
Up until a few months ago Tanner and Amanda lived in AZ, so our get-togethers were yearly,
but now that they live so much closer! we are aiming for monthly.
So much better :)
Before they took off on Sunday we had a little photoshoot.
And by little, I mean teeny tiny.
We got like three good pictures (which I'll post soon).
The weather just wasn't cooperating.
The sun was shining, but we were freeeezing.
Needless to say, it was an adventure.
Can't wait til next month!

P.S. Tanner & Amanda's dog, Stella, and my furry baby, Maggie, are besties.
Here they are napping with their papas.
(Sorry for the poor picture quality)

For Your Enjoyment!

Although I'm not a musician, music is a huge part of my life.
I'm also not a writer, so describing just how important music is to me proves to be a difficult task.
I'm sure many can relate and will know what I'm trying to say better than I can say it, so I won't try too hard. :)
Certain artists, albums, and live shows have defined who I am and shaped many of my life experiences.
That sounds weird to say, but it's true.
Whenever I hear an old Modest Mouse song, I think of high school art club and lunches in my cousin's car; Death Cab's Transatlanticism takes me back to my first road trip and live show in St. Louis; Neutral Milk Hotel reminds me of laying out on my parent's back deck with my best friend dreaming of all that was to come; hearing Blind Melon brings my brother to mind; and Gram Parsons reminds me of my parent's old stereo system and childhood in general.
I have so many great memories, as well as bad, tied to music.
It's a constant in my life.

Today, Pandora, Grooveshark, iTunes, the radio and my record player all help me get my daily music fix, and I love them oh so much for it.
So I've been thinking- why not jump on board with the many other bloggers out there that have a weekly music feature?!
Well! I've been having so much fun putting together playlists of some of my favorite artists to share with you!
Right now I've got about four playlists with different themes ready to go...
As I discover new music each day I hope to expand my taste and playlists the same. So hopefully this will become a fairly regular feature around here.
This first installment could be categorized as a general indie rock playlist I suppose.
Hope you enjoy something you hear here!

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Where You'll Find Him

The mister has been on a serious cooking & baking kick the past four days.
He recently picked up a new cookbook at TJMaxx and since then he's been spending all his time in
the kitchen.
Needless to say, I'm not complaining.
As I've mentioned before I am domestically challenged, especially when it comes to cooking.
Lucky for me, I married a great cook who loves to experiment.
Remember the 'soup challenge' from many months ago...
yeah, it never happened.
Well this new cookbook of his is full of amazing soup recipes.
This weekend he made cheesy cauliflower soup and chili (veggie for me, meaty for him).
Then today he decided to take a stab at baking bread- first time ever.
It turned out great! (as evidenced by the photos above)
Can't wait to see what he cooks up tomorrow.

P.S. I start my new job tomorrow and couldn't be more excited!

Guess what? I got a job! Finally.
I never thought getting a part time, minimum wage job would be so exciting, but it is.
I start on Tuesday and cannot wait!
I have been holding out for a library job since we moved to MI, and I didn't think it was going to happen.
Alas, it did. I guess sometimes you just have to have faith that things will work out.

This is what I wore today.
Aaron reluctantly agreed to take a few pictures for me despite the freezing (FREEZING!) cold.
And I managed to only fall one and a half times on the icy, snow-packed steps.
Yes, these are the infamous steps that the mailman constantly yells at us about.
You see, we don't utilize our front entrance as we don't even have a key for the door, thus we don't shovel or salt these steps.
Well, the mailman is less than happy about this fact.
So he leaves us notes on our mail.
Mean ones.
Today he rang our doorbell to yell at us.
Aaron felt bad, so he shoveled the steps.
Hopefully the end of mean mailman.
End of story.

My computer keeps crashing so this has to be all for tonight.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

(Skirt and coat vintage, sweater and boots thrifted)

Looking Up

As of late I haven't been feeling like doing outfit posts or really any posts for that matter. There are many reasons for this lack of ambition, and I know you are dying to know why my posts have been so sporadic, so here it is... everything I put on feels wrong (and itchy); I'm sick of layers and bulky sweaters and wool; I just want to be comfortable; I've been going to the gym almost everyday and feel like I've seen no results; the mister has been working later, thus isn't around for picture taking; and finally, the winter blues are catching up to me as I am still unemployed (albeit hopefully not for long). Well yesterday I decided to see if I could lift my spirits by partaking in some retail therapy, and yes, it worked. I only had to make one stop to find just what I was looking for to bring me out of my funk. The gray maxi skirt pictured above found at Forever21! It is so comfortable and versatile. Although it's pretty lightweight, so to make it work in this weather I layered leggings and socks underneath to keep warm. I can't wait to style it up in warmer weather. This is definitely a new staple in my closet, and I will probably wear it way too often. Buy it here. Really, do it. :)

Okay so maybe I can't give the skirt all of the credit for lifting my spirits yesterday. I also had an interview for a library job which felt really good and went well. Even if I don't get the job I still feel better knowing there is hope. And! as I am writing this post, I got a call for another interview at another library! I mean I've lived here almost 6 months with few prospects and no calls, until this week. It's craziness. But, here's to hoping!

Weekend Recap

Last night the mister and I tried out a new-to-us restaurant- Los Tres Amigos. I had a taco salad w/ beans instead of meat, and Aaron had some sort of full-on meat dish (of course). He just loves to burst my bubble. :) I love Mexican food, it's probably my favorite, and I hate to say it, but this place was pretty disappointing. Maybe we ordered the wrong things or went to a bad branch, but it was not delicious to say the least. Oh well. On the bright side, the chips & salsa and drinks were good. So there's always that, and the search for a yummy Mexican restaurant continues. Recommendations welcome! Alright, enough of that. On to more important topics...

Television! I am a TV junkie, and Sunday is the greatest night for TV watching ever. This is why I'm blogging now instead of tonight. Hah! The new season of Californication started last week, as did a new series on Showtime called Shameless, which I am already loving having seen one episode. Desperate Housewives (yeah I watch it, don't judge) is also on tonight, and best of all, the last season of Big Love premieres tonight! Ok, I also love the show My Fair Wedding which is on on Sunday, but I no longer get that channel, so boo. Not to mention, David Tutera creeps me out sometimes the way he interacts with the brides. Does anyone else know what I'm sayin'? Oh yeah, new episodes of Hoarders is on on Sunday too (thanks Jenna for reminding me), how could I forget that? I love that show! And the Golden Globes are on tonight! Wow, I really am a TV addict. There is no way I will be able to watch all of these tonight. I guess that's what DVR and On Demand are for. Man, I need a job. Speaking of that...

I got a job interview! Just when I had lost all hope of ever finding a job in this town, I got a call!! My interview is on Wednesday. It's just for a part time job, but it's a start. Wish me luck!

Happy Hump Day

Happy Wednesday! Whoa, it seems like I was just saying that. Wednesdays come around so fast. Yesterday it snowed pretty much all day around these parts, but I really wanted to get in an outfit post. I actually wanted to do a full on photoshoot (somewhere other than our backyard) with participation from the mister, but that didn't happen due to poor road conditions and lack of enthusiasm from him. I did manage, however, to get Aaron to help with a few pictures. So yeah, these pictures were taken yesterday, but after they were taken, I didn't really feel like posting. It was one of those days. I have had this vintage dress for years. Seriously, years. I love the pattern and colors and the fact that it is long-sleeved. Well, I basically love everything about it. I can't believe I haven't worn it in a post til now! The cape, shoes and brooch are also vintage/thrifted. I'm not gonna lie- I could only wear this outfit for a short time while pictures were being taken- it is just too cold outside lately to wear a dress (even with tights!).

In other news, the 'closet situation' is still a work in progress. It is coming along quite nicely though, and I will be posting pictures soon. Loads and loads of laundry are being done, clothing is being sorted and piles are being made. I'm thinking within the next week I should be finished. That is- if I quit procrastinating. It seems like I spend obscene amounts of time cleaning and organizing (not just the closet, but the whole house), yet nothing ever gets done. So frustrating. Does anyone else have this problem? It must be that I simply have too much stuff. Yes, that must be it. New year's goal: get rid of the clutter. Hah! We'll see. Alright, I'm off for the night.

Happy Birthday Mama!

Mom on her Wedding Day 1976
Mom on left w/ Grandma Bonnie
Mom far left w/ her sisters and parents
Mom & Dad
Mom & Domino (my first dog!)
Since I'm not able to be home with my mom for her birthday today...
I thought I would do a little post in honor of her big day!
Happy 53rd Mama!
Love you and can't wait for you to visit again!

P.S. Notice her interesting hairstyles over the years. :)

Weekend Recap

Friday- the mister and I went to dinner and a hockey game.
On Saturday I did a little thrifting. I bought these books and a chair.
Sunday morning the mister made me breakfast!
Then I had a date with my friend Amanda. This is what I wore.
We grabbed a bite to eat at McAlister's and then saw Black Swan.
Which was crazy. But amazing.
I recommend seeing it if you haven't.

Hope everyone else had a happy weekend!

P.S. Wishing my mama a very happy 53rd birthday today!!!