Hi, I'm Lindsay.

I drink wine and often too much of it.
I try to eat dessert with every meal.
I typically enjoy the company of animals to that of humans.
I’m a bit of a hypochondriac.
It’s quite possible I’m also a hoarder. Or well on my way.
Thrifting, hiking, road tripping and reading are among my favorite activities.
I like to think that I was a DJ or break dancer in a previous life.
I watch The Real Housewives and love it. 
I work in an urban public library where there is never a dull moment.
It makes going to work fun, and sometimes scary.
I love that I am free to be myself in this space.
I hope that never changes.

This is my guy, Aaron.
Pretty cute, huh?
Mostly he enjoys hockey & beer. 
with a little bit of coffee, dinosaurs, meat, facial hair and adventure mixed in.
This is how he would describe himself:
librarian, musician, writer, DIYer, hiker, biker.
Maybe not in that order, but it would include all of these things.
Occasionally I can get him to participate in photoshoots with me.
Usually he just takes the pictures.
He's loved me since high school.
Enough said. 

This is Magnolia a.k.a Maggie, Turtle, BooBoo, Sissy, etc.
Sometimes she has really long tangly hair and a snotty nose.
Also, she has crooked teeth like her mama.
Maggie enjoys napping most of all.
Begging for table food, being stinky, trying to escape, and riding in the car are among her other favorite things.
She looooves bunnies, squirrels, birds and the like. 
I think she would eat them if I let her- which I don't.
We spend lots of time together and have many conversations.
She is the sweetest furry baby ever.

This is Moose (my other furry baby)
He is a beast. Really- can't you see it in his eyes?!
He enjoys bullying Maggie and terrorizing me.
loves Christmas trees, boxes, getting high on catnip, doing flips, and climbing the couch.
He also enjoys hanging out in the basement. In the dryer.
Sometimes he can be a sweetie.
Although it only lasts a minute.
I love him anyways.

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