Happy Hump Day


Happy Wednesday! Whoa, it seems like I was just saying that. Wednesdays come around so fast. Yesterday it snowed pretty much all day around these parts, but I really wanted to get in an outfit post. I actually wanted to do a full on photoshoot (somewhere other than our backyard) with participation from the mister, but that didn't happen due to poor road conditions and lack of enthusiasm from him. I did manage, however, to get Aaron to help with a few pictures. So yeah, these pictures were taken yesterday, but after they were taken, I didn't really feel like posting. It was one of those days. I have had this vintage dress for years. Seriously, years. I love the pattern and colors and the fact that it is long-sleeved. Well, I basically love everything about it. I can't believe I haven't worn it in a post til now! The cape, shoes and brooch are also vintage/thrifted. I'm not gonna lie- I could only wear this outfit for a short time while pictures were being taken- it is just too cold outside lately to wear a dress (even with tights!).

In other news, the 'closet situation' is still a work in progress. It is coming along quite nicely though, and I will be posting pictures soon. Loads and loads of laundry are being done, clothing is being sorted and piles are being made. I'm thinking within the next week I should be finished. That is- if I quit procrastinating. It seems like I spend obscene amounts of time cleaning and organizing (not just the closet, but the whole house), yet nothing ever gets done. So frustrating. Does anyone else have this problem? It must be that I simply have too much stuff. Yes, that must be it. New year's goal: get rid of the clutter. Hah! We'll see. Alright, I'm off for the night.