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An Instagram Thanksgiving

Here's a quick little peek at our weekend Thanksgiving festivities.
We were so excited to host the holiday at our place this year, and so grateful for those that could make it.
(everyone had quite a ways to travel, so thanks again guys!)
There ended up being 11 of us total (plus 2 dogs & 2 cats), and thanks to everyone's help, it was a great success.
We cooked, ate, and napped all day Thursday.
Friday we celebrated my dad's 61st birthday, thrifted, and went to a hockey game.
Saturday we said many goodbyes, thrifted more and went bowling.
And today we rest, as it's back to the daily grind tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend!

Why I Thrift

Can we all pause for a moment of silence in honor of the person that gave this beauty up so that I might find it.
Just last night I started making a list of 'ultimate thrift finds'...
basically things I would lovvvve to find and that I would be willing to pay a bit more for.
A chair just like this was on that list, I kid you not!
Well hey howdy, today was the day.
And for eight dollars nonetheless.
Yes, you read that right. I paid a measly EIGHT effing dollars for this amazing chair.
This is why I love thrifting.

Any other amazing finds out there lately?
If so, please share!

Thrifts & Gifts

Let's just say lately I have been a very lucky lady.
Last week I finally got a chance to go home and see family after what seemed like months.
Oh wait, it was months...three to be exact ;)
Anywho, my parents (dad, really) and my aunt had been busy the past few weeks going to auctions and picking up treasures, many of which are now mine, and a few of which are pictured above.
It's always fun, and quite often interesting, to see what they've found.
This time around I had the pleasure of finding a boob mug hidden within my box of owl items.
Of course my dad thought that was just hilarious.
Yes, I have pictures. No, I won't be posting them.
But really, they do always find the greatest stuff at auctions.
Thanks to mom, pops & aunt sis, I always end up hauling home a car full of amazing loot.

Have you been gifted or thrifted anything awesome lately?

12 November 1976

Today my mom & dad celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary.
I don't know how they got so lucky, but they are amazingly perfect for one another.
Wishing them many! more years of love and happiness.

Dreamweaver by Gary Wright on Grooveshark

You may be lol'ing, but it's their song :)

Such a Pretty House, Such a Pretty Garden

Sorry for the silence around here.
I've been fighting a nasty cold/sinus infection thing for the past week or so.
Ehh, I guess it's that time of year.

On to the failed outfit attempt...
I thrifted this velvet leopard print dress a few weeks ago for a mere three dollars.
Exciting, no?
Then, a couple weeks ago, I wore it for the first time.
It wasn't as exciting anymore.
Maybe velvet isn't my thing. Or maybe I don't know how to style it. Who knows.
I wanted to share these photos anyways because of the gorgeous gardens and fall foliage also pictured.

P.S. Is anyone else trying super hard to get pre-sale Radiohead tickets today?! We are, so wish us luck :)
P.P.S. Etsy shop is progressing. Hoping to have my first items listed by this weekend!!!