Once in a While

I've been a terrible blogger once again.
It's not that I haven't had time to blog, I guess I've just been distracted and bored and grumpy lately.
(just missing my mister while he's in England most likely)
And with it being the holidays, well you may as well call me Scrooge.
I've done very little decorating or gift shopping. I'm just not into 'it' this year I suppose.
Not into 'it' really meaning the consumerist nonsense.
I know that there is more to Christmas than presents, but it's really bothering me this year.
It's not that I don't enjoy giving gifts. I do. I don't know what it is exactly.
I'm still fumbling trying to figure it out.
All I know is that this year I am focusing all my holiday spirit on spending time with family, eating good food, celebrating my mom's graduation, and relaxing before I start back to school.
Sound good? :)

Moving on...
The pictures above are a few funny things I came across while thrifting today.
I originally went thrifting in hopes of finding cheap craft supplies.
(I'm making the decorations for my mom's graduation party)
Didn't have much luck on that front, but did find a few things that made me smirk.
I actually bought the little "This is my house and I do as I darn please" sign.
It reminds me of something my dad would say.
I did not, however, buy the "boob job fund" jar ;)

Well I'm off to listen to the Bright Eyes Christmas album for a little holiday pick-me-up.
Night loves.