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the little things...

there's nothing better than a bottle of wine for $3.99... :)

today i attended the craziest thrift store sale EVER! it was insane. seriously. they were having an end-of- summer sale with everything in the store 60% off. so, i went thrifting here last week, and when they told me about the sale they said to get there early because of the craziness. well, i didn't really believe them. however, i had to take A to work this morning, so i was up, and therefore, i decided to just stop by when they opened. i was literally pulling up to the store right at 9 a.m., and the parking lot was completely full, overflowing, in fact! i could hardly find a parking spot, and the line was out the door! oh my! i have really never seen anything like this. needless to say, i spent about three hours at the sale and got some great stuff! :) i'll post pictures soon. i actually didn't shop for myself too much; i got some stuff for my mom, dad, grandma and A instead. it was fun to shop for other people as i am usually way selfish and only get things for myself. i DID get a few clothing items for me, but the majority of things i got are for others. :)

ok, now an update on Moe (the rescue kitty we can't keep). i think we have found him a home! a lady is coming to pick him up tomorrow to take him to her elderly neighbor. ehh. i know he isn't my kitty, but i still feel responsible for him, and i hope this will be a good home. i plan on leaving my number and address just in case the kitty and/or new parent needs anything. i'm really kind of dreading the hand off tomorrow. he's been staying here a couple days, and he is the sweetest little kitty. i ultimately just want him to have a good loving home. so, here's to hoping.

on another note, A and i tried out a new restaurant tonight. it was a Mediterranean bar and grill called Woody's. they have THE best hummus ever! that's what i ordered and A had a falafel burger with fries. it was sooo delicious. they also carry like 20 local beers on draft, so A was in heaven. he tried out a new beer, and i stuck with the old standby, wine. which smelled heavenly. i'm not kidding. it was the best smelling wine ever. overall, great experience. we will definitely be going back.

ok, well i'm pretty busy watching reality tv, so this is all for now...hehe

til later...

the story of Moe

so, this is Moe. i rescued him today in front of our house. he was laying in the middle of the road, meowing, and when a car came he barely moved. luckily, the car stopped, and i ran out to see what was going on. now he is sleeping on our sunporch until i can find who he belongs to or a good home for him. i want to keep him sooo bad; i even named him. which was obviously a bad idea. so now we wait. i hate this. i seriously love this little guy so much. he immediately started rubbing on me and loving me. i am hoping beyond all else that the neighbor will take him. she loves kitties, but is not sure yet. if he lived next door then i could see him all the time. :) that would be great! we will see... isn't he soo sweet?!

first Photoshoot friday

oh my gosh! we did it! A and I had our first photoshoot today, and it was soo fun. my look was sort of in homage to my mama (well, the '70s version of her). i've seen several pictures of her wearing the overalls and big glasses with long hair. so i was definitely feeling her vibe so to speak. hah! and A was sort of going for the '50s rolled up jeans, white tee and whiskey look i guess. i had to coax him into participating with me, and he isn't really thrilled to have me put his pictures up. but oh well. his pictures look good. and it was our first attempt, so we will get better over time. i got the overalls at an estate sale when we first moved to MI. and i added the cute little red belt (also thrifted) for some color. also, i found two sets of adorable glasses at the thrift store the other day, and they fit perfectly into our shoot. so, other than the photoshoot, today was pretty slow and relaxing. as is tonight. i've got some estate sales on the agenda for tomorrow morning, and since i'm not usually an early riser, i've gotta get to bed a little earlier tonight. last weekend we almost missed the most amazing sale ever because we slept in too late. that will not happen this weekend! :) i'm still rearranging and cleaning in preparation for my parents and grandma to come on Wednesday. i'm so excited! they will be our first visitors. i've got all sorts of fun things planned for us to do. number one being thrifting! ok, well i'm off to craft for a while. night.

new $20 chair - Discount Dave's

paper crafts i made for the sunporch

fall scarf and vintage pumps - Hidden Treasures Thrift

so yesterday was a little crazy. i got into a little accident. everyone is fine, but i rear ended someone. ugh. it was my first accident ever. and let's hope it will never happen again. ok, so it was my fault. i thought the lady went when the light turned green, but she didn't and i did. needless to say, the lady was not very happy. in fact, she was very mean and belittling to me. obviously, i didn't mean for the accident to happen. that's why it's called an accident. anyways, no one was hurt and there was little to no damage to the vehicles. and let's just say it wasn't going to help the situation to be mean and nasty, but the lady apparently thought it would. so yeah. bad day. and now i kind of only want to ride my bike everywhere. so before the accident, my day was going along pretty well. i went thrifting and found some great stuff. i got lotsa new craft supplies, a few  sweaters for fall, and some pumps and a scarf (pictured above). after i picked A up from work we came home to relax after my stressful encounter. we drank a little wine and played catch in the backyard. it was such a nice day. windy, sunny and cool. then all last night i played around with my new crafting supplies. i made a canopy to hang over the daybed on the sun  porch. and i made some decorations for the guest room. my parents and grandma are coming to visit over labor day weekend, so i'm busy getting things in order for when they come. A's birthday is also over labor day weekend, so i need to start making some plans as to what i'm gonna get him and what we are gonna do to celebrate. i think it'd be fun to go to the beach :) but that's just me. ok, well time for more crafting. til later...

some of my new pretty thrifted sheets today was good. A and i slept in late, he made pancakes when we got up and our couch and daybed got delivered just in time for us to run out of town to an estate sale. which, by the way, was amazingly amazing. this was seriously the best estate sale i've ever been to. i mean i guess i haven't been to a ton of estate sales, but this has been the best thus far. it was out in the country a little ways outside of town, and it was a house with a huge barn in the backyard (which were woods, awesome!). so the barn used to be an antique store run by the lady that lived in the house. now, unfortunately, we didn't know about the sale til the second day, so i can only imagine what goodies we could have found had we been there the first day....But, we got a few cool things anyways. but really just the adventure was so fun. being in the house and barn, imagining what it would have been like to visit when the antique store was in it's heyday. oh my gosh, and the daydreaming...ideas about owning my own thrift store or flea market, right behind our (theoretical) house that backs up to the woods in a giant barn or other old structure. i cannot believe we didn't have a camera on us, not even a phone camera! i sooo wanted to post pictures of this place. it was awesome. so anyways, then the day got even better, although really i don't know how. we went into the little town nearby the estate sale, which A and i have fallen in love with! it's the quaintest (hehe) little town with a town square and its very own (best part) antique district! so we went exploring around the antique area and found some awesome stuff, but we didn't purchase anything today because lack of funds is an issue at the moment. but, we know where to go in the future, so that's good. we also stopped into the local goodwill and habitat restore. (if anyone doesn't know about habitat for humanity restores...well, they are awesome and you should check one out). but yeah, by this time we were starving so we stopped at an A&W thinking it was a little fast-food drive thru ya know? but no! it was a restaurant! and it was so fun! i had grilled cheese (of course) and a rootbeer float, yum. and A had a patty melt and brat, yuck. :) so i thought the fun was over for the day as we headed home, but then tonight we went to a movie. yay. we haven't been in a while, and it was so fun and the movie was awesome. we saw The Kids are All Right. i love julianne moore and mark ruffalo. it was cute and funny and kinda sad sometimes. lol i should be a movie critic. ok well that's all. now we are home, and i'm going to bed soon. so til later...

wooden owl painting - hidden treasures thrift store

ceramic lamb planter - megamall antique center

'70s style mugs and pitcher - goodwill emporium

cute victorian shoes (fit perfectly by the way) - megamall antique center

glass jars - volunteers of america thrift store

vintage jackie o dress - salvation army

vintage handmade? patchwork dress - goodwill emporium

and there you have it... my recent thrift finds!

so this week i did some seriously successful thrifting! i posted pics of some of my finds and there are more to come. today was awesome! A came home from work and we went to the mega mall antique store. i found a few cute things there like my vintage victorian shoes and my little lamb planter. A found more gallon glass jars for his wine-making, which, by the way, he will be starting a new batch soon! :) but, the best part came on the way home. we stopped at this new thrift store right along the same road as the mega mall. it was amazing! we bought a couch, daybed and recliner. i can't wait to post pictures! they are seriously awesome. i felt like there was no way we could pass them up (well, maybe the recliner). but anyways, we got a really good deal (A was wheelin' and dealin'). i've never seen him negotiate like that before. lol, that must mean he really didn't want to be making those purchases. so, the couch is in great condition while the daybed needs a little work.  i think it can be brought up to greatness :) the recliner is so so. it definitely fits with our current home decor. it's like an ugly brownish yellowish orange color...similar to our couch. well, i guess i don't think it's ugly, but most people would (like my dad who will surely have an opinion on it). the daybed was a good purchase because my mom, dad and grandma are coming to visit in a week, and we needed an extra sleeping space. we have a guest room, but there's only one full bed in it to accommodate my mom and dad. so this way, we have another single person sleeping space when other visitors come. on another note, i'm drinking wine (moscato, my favorite!) and watching a new say yes to the dress atlanta. i don't know why i love this show so much, especially since i'm already married and will never need a wedding dress again. But, nevertheless, i watch it. some of the people on this show are seriously crazy and spoiled. it kind of makes me mad. :) ok well that's all for now. i don't want to start ranting about say yes to the dress, so til later! 

my sweet furry baby, maggie

well, i've been trying to give the blog a makeover, but it turns out i'm really not that good. hah! i thought i'd be able to have A teach me a little about xml or html or whatever, but i didn't learn too much. so anyways, this is the look for a while til i can learn more. so we are finally getting settled into our new place.  A is loving his new job which i am so happy about.  and i am still looking for a job. eh. i guess i'm not really looking too hard and i'm not really in a hurry, but we'll see what happens. i've found some amazing thrift stores right near our house, and i've found some great treasures already.  i'll be taking pictures of some of my finds soon and posting them. we found out this week that our great friends that are currently living in AZ are moving back to the midwest in a month! we can't wait! they will be just a short train ride away. i'm already planning weekend visits! ok, so i haven't been eating very healthy lately and i just haven't been leading a healthy lifestyle all together.  i really need to get back in the routine of working out.  i like doing yoga, pilates and balanceball workouts at home, but i haven't been motivated.  i've been feeling really homesick since we moved and i just haven't been motivated to do much of anything.  so my mental health and physical health both need jump starts.  i'm thinking i will try to start fresh on monday morning. get up when A goes to work, eat b-fast, work out then hopefully get some sewing and scrapping done.  that's my plan thus far.  i'll report back how it goes on monday.  ok, til later.

ahh. the blog is getting a serious makeover. hopefully, in the next couple of days it will be lookin' good and back up and runnin'.