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pumpkin Craze

i am crazed. pumpkin crazed, that is. i can't stop myself from buying anything and everything pumpkin flavored. tonight i went to tjmaxx and came home with pumpkin spice tea, pumpkin cookie mix and pumpkin pancake mix. yesterday i went to target and came home with pumpkin ice cream. ahhh! i've also indulged in pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins and pumpkin spice lattes already this season (not all in one day of course!). i have yet to purchase an ACTUAL pumpkin though. and it's almost halloween! i'm thinking this weekend will be a good time to carve up some pumpkins. whew, i just used the word 'pumpkin' way too much :)

so anyway, it is getting really chilly up here in MI. i have been stocking up on cold-weather accessories, and i think i'm almost ready; however, i hope the super cold weather (and dare i say snow!) postpones its arrival for a while. our fireplace has been helping keep us warm on chilly nights, but we did cave and turn on the heat. i've also started digging out all of the coats, piles of scarves, gloves and hats from the basement. and i bought some super comfy cozy bulky socks to keep my toes warm all winter long.

ok, well it's time to watch a new it's always sunny and eat some pumpkin ice cream! happy fall!

Thrift finds

 owl and babies
 nightstand dish
napkin holder
 fawn figurine

i never would've thought that i would be collecting ceramic figurines...alas, i am. i have started collecting anything deer or owl related, and i've also been gathering little ceramic dishes and bowls to house my vintage jewelry. here's what i'm thinking...i need to start weeding through my vintage collections, open an etsy shop, and be very selective from now on in what i buy. this will more than likely not happen. well, maybe the etsy shop, but not the whole selectivity thing. i just can't help myself. when i go thrifting and see a good deal, i can't pass it up. hmm...something to think about. 

well, i have been under the weather for a few days now and i need to get some rest. just wanted to do a quick post. night!

dressUp day

this is my new favorite vintage dress! well- for the time being. i bought it last week, and without even trying it on at the store, it fits perfectly. it's also a great match for my recently thrifted cream boots and pink glasses. i love the pattern and colors! so cute and comfy for fall. as it gets chillier i'll probably add some grey tights and a vest or shawl.

on another note- i need to start making some halloween decorations and decide on a costume. the mr. and i still haven't decided for sure what we are doing for the holiday. i'm leaning toward going to visit my brother in urbana-champaign because the wood brothers! are playing there on halloween! i have been wanting to see them forever. if you don't know who they are/haven't heard their music- check em out here. amazing. i'm not so sure A is sold on going yet though. i'm workin on it.

what is everyone else planning for halloween? costumes? parties? concerts?

weekend Recap

fenner nature center
pumpkin ice cream!

lake lansing

well we had a fun-filled weekend around these parts! mr. a and i explored some new places which is always fun when you're living in a new area. this is pretty much the first weekend we have just stayed home and not had visitors. on friday we rollerbladed to the MSU homecoming parade which was a fun experience- much bigger than any hometown parade i'd ever been to. then we had a really nice lazy saturday morning just laying around the house listening to music. we also checked out the apple butter festival at fenner nature center- it felt like this particular festival was geared more toward families, but a and i had some food, sweets, listened to the music and took a little stroll on the trails. we didn't stick around too long, but it was fun enough. we decided to drive around after that and explore some more. we ended up at lake lansing. we had never been! it was really pretty- perfect place for a little picnic. my favorite part of the day was probably just driving around looking at all the changing leaves and cool houses. there are so many neat places to live around here- it's going to be hard to choose once we start looking for a house! saturday night i went out with my friend, her guy and some of their friends. it was a good time, and i got to experience the local college bar scene- super crazy since it was homecoming weekend! then today i went to a huge outdoor flea market- last one of the season! :( i found a few records, a cute deer figurine and some stock costume jewelry from an old local department store. all in all- fun, eventful weekend! this week it's back to job hunting and a regular workout schedule.

hope 'everyone' else had a fun weekend!

chilly nights

relaxation station

so, mr. a bought an xbox today, which means i have been forced to relocate. to the sun-room, aka the relaxation station (pictured above). this also means the computer is now my sole source of entertainment as the television is to be constantly occupied by my nhl 2011 obsessed husband. phew, now that that is off my chest...i actually kind of like the sun-room now that we have moved the daybed in there. i'm definitely getting more use out of it now that it's not in the three-seasons room (as we are quickly approaching the one season that is not suitable for using the room). not to mention, since we have moved in, the sun-room has been consistently warmer than any other room in our house. now that the nights are getting chillier and we are trying our darndest not to cave and turn the heat on, i like getting comfy in the warmest room in the house. my furry babies kind of love it too. they like to come lay on the daybed and cuddle with me :) so speaking of the fast approaching, already evident chilly fall nights...i made soup for dinner tonight! see, i am sticking to the challenge i set forth for myself. this rarely happens, therefore, i am mighty proud. i did cheat a little though. campbell's may or may not have helped me out this evening. i can't help it. when i'm really hungry, i'm pretty impatient. i like to throw something together quick and easy. instant gratification. ya know? campbell's tomato soup gave me just the gratification i was looking for tonight. yum yum yum. how i love tomato soup. i think i could probably eat a bowl every night. but, i won't. veggie chili is most likely up next on the soup challenge. with cornbread. mmmhmmm. side note: most times i am all for generic brands and things, but as far as tomato soup goes, it's campbell's all the way :) ok, well it's time for me to get caught up on all the shows i missed while away. goodbye for now...

recent Thrift Finds



more shoes...

more canisters...

owl dish & picture frame         

wall hanging

window art

super cute gnome musicians avec woodland friends (now housed on my mantle)

back from Break

blazer, shoes, bag and jeans: all thrifted here in MI :)

phew...i'm back. i had a nice little week-long vacation back in IL where i got to spend lots of time with family and friends. i had such a great time that it's been hard getting back into the so-called swing of things here in MI. i got back to town on friday night, and my in-laws were visiting til this morning. this was their first time visiting since we have moved to MI. we had lotsa fun showing them around campus and the botanical gardens, thrifting and antiquing, cooking out and playing cards, and walking around the cider mill/fruit house winery. i indulged in many thrifting adventures while visiting back home as well as this past weekend with my in-laws. i am hoping to get some pictures taken and posted sometime this week (hopefully tomorrow) of my finds. it was so nice to have a little break away from blogging and the internet in general, but i'm happy to be back and i'm busy catching up on my blog reading and posting.

update on the soup-making challenge: hasn't begun yet. we had a short cool spell here in MI which got me all excited about having fires and eating soup. then the warm weather returned and i went away. so, i'm thinking this challenge shall commence this week! i said only one new soup a week, so that shouldn't be too hard. eek. we will see. i have already found some amazing vegetarian soup recipes! can't wait to get started. here's to hoping the cool weather returns soon!