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Thrift Finds

Here are a few recent thrift finds.
And by recent, I mean I found all these goods two nights ago.
Up until then I was starting to feel like I'd depleted this town's thrifting resources and/or just plain ran out of luck.
Guess not. Not yet, at least.
I don't know how I'm going to decide what to sell in my etsy shop as I'm sort of in love with everything I buy.
Hmm. Any tips?

Well I'm off to drink wine and relax the rest of the evening.

P.S. I'm going to see Frontier Ruckus tomorrow night! I cannot wait. They're an amazing local band. Have you heard of them? If not, here ya go. You're welcome :)

D.I.Y. Felt Hairbow

Last night I was feeling a little crafty, so I headed to JoAnn to look around.
(Terrible idea, by the way. 4-5 days before Halloween, yeah...the line was at least 40 people long!)
Anywho I picked up a couple pieces of colorful felt not really knowing what I wanted to make.
When I got home, I just sort of sat down and free-handed this project.
About half way through I decided I better start taking some pictures so I could blog it.
It was a super quick and easy project that took little to no skill. Perfect, yeah?!

Here are the steps:
1. Cut out the bow shape you want from the felt sheet/s ( I made mine reversible)
2. Glue the two felt pieces together
3. Next stitch them together (I did a basic straight stitch)
4. Take a scrap piece of felt and tie it around the center of the bow.
5. Attach the bow to a hair clip (I used an old one I had laying around)

Voila! You have your very own felt hairbow!
It was such a quick project that I made a few more in varying shapes, sizes and colors.
I wore the yellow & gray one to work today and plan on wearing them way too often.
Let me know if you try this project!

Girl in a Red Dress

Good morning!
I wore this outfit on Saturday while practicing my self timing skills, but never really left the house in it.
I hate wasted outfits, so here ya go.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of creativity in the post title. It's Monday...
Be back soon with a recent thrift finds post!

Saturday In The Park

I think it was the Fourth of July...
Sorry, couldn't resist :)
Today was gorgeous, so of course, we spent most of the day inside. Dummies!
We did manage to get out for a bit, and to the park we went.
As evidenced in the pictures above, Maggie is a great tennis player. Hah.
It was really more like a game of 'Monkey in the Middle,' but fun for all nonetheless.
Also! I learned that the mister can juggle- who knew?! (See pic 5)
I'm thinking of entering him in a contest. Any ideas?
Alright, well I hope everyone is having a happy weekend.

Ocean Breathes Salty

Is this what 'they' refer to as color blocking?!
Well, either may be my new favorite outfit.
This is what I wore flea market rummaging on Sunday.
A couple weeks ago Urban Outfitters was having a huge 50% off clearance sale, and I took serious advantage.
I hardly ever shop there due to their ridiculously high prices, but who can pass up a great sale!?! Obviously not me.
This dress was one of my many purchases that week.
Ok, just wanting to check in for a quick second.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

End of a Season

Today the mister and I attended the last local flea market of the season.
Somehow I've managed to get thrifting on the agenda every free weekend we've had lately, but I'm guessing it won't last much longer.
Anywho, all the finds pictured above were picked up over the past few days.

Bag of vintage plastic clothespins- $4.00
Seafoam green purse- $0.99
Antique embroidery- $1.99
1920's books- $5.00
Recipe box- $2.00
Flower clutch- $0.99
Amish butterprint Pyrex dish- $1.99

I'm expediting the opening of my Etsy shop due to the fact that I'll be starting grad school in January!
I am hoping to get everything up and running smoothly way before I have too much on my plate to handle.
It's been a little stressful getting started, but I cannot wait to open up shop!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

The Times They Are a-Changin'

We finally dumped our cable last week (YAY!) and now subscribe to Netflix, Hulu+ and NHL Gamecenter (for the mister).
Everything has been working out well thanks to our dandy little Roku2,
and I couldn't be more pleased to not be paying hundreds of dollars a month to a company which shall remain nameless. (I really really hate them).

I finally upgraded to an iPhone!
After eight months of using my Droid with a completely shattered touch screen, it was time.
Getting used to this new phone is a little slow going, but I'm learning.
I've already discovered a few favorite apps :)

Last, but oh so not least, I got into grad school!!!
I am beyond excited, but nervous too.
The program is an all online format which has its pluses and minuses.
The plus being I won't have to commute this winter, the minus that I learn better in a classroom environment.
I'm sure it will be a challenge, but I think I'm ready.
Classes start in January, and I can't wait!

P.S. Sorry for the lull since my last post, we had no internet for a few days.

D.I.Y. Coffee Table Makeover

^^^^^^^^^Before & During^^^^^^^^^
Eeep! I'm so excited to share a second D.I.Y. here on the blog!
This is another super simple, quick and cheap makeover.
We bought this coffee table for $10 at the local Bargain Barn (same place the $3 cart from the last DIY was found).
It was in obvious need of a little work but had much potential.
I'd been on the lookout for a coffee table for some time and was initially set on finding a mid-century style.
I scoured the thrift stores to absolutely no avail, and all the beauties I found online were way more than I was willing to pay.
So when I found the one above, I was sort of settling.
It wasn't what I was looking for at all, but the price was right.
I knew we could fix it up, and I thought maybe we would hold onto it until I found a better one.
Now that it's finished though, I really love it!
It's a definite keeper.

Supplies needed (or what we used):
Sandpaper & Electric drill
Chalkboard paint

First we popped the ugly, cracked mirror off, then sanded down the top of the table.
We left the rest of the table in slight disrepair (i.e. chips and cracks) for a more shabby chic look. Well that, or we were just too lazy to sand the whole thing. Hah.
A couple coats of chalkboard paint later, and voila! You've got yourself a nice lookin' little coffee table.
See? Super simple and cheap! Just how I like it.

Disclaimer: These makeover projects can become highly addictive.
The mister and I are on a roll lately! Be looking out for more regularly scheduled DIYs here on the blog!

Weekend Recap

Oops, a few days late for a weekend recap, but I wanted to share anyhow.
The mister and I love taking road trips, and I really love thrifting as we all know.
So frequently I can con him into taking me out of town on the weekends for some treasure hunting.
Not only do I get to scour all the local thrift stores, but we also get a chance to check out more of Michigan.
You see, it's perfect!

Anyway, this past weekend was sort of a bust, and I'm fairly certain the mister is to blame...
He totally jinxed us by predicting we were going to find some great stuff that day.
He 'had a good feeling'..PSHH!
Hah, but really, the area was pretty disappointing on the thrifting front.
We found one neat flea market (where we picked up a few treasures) and a cute little restaurant, so I guess it wasn't a total loss.
Still, probably not going back anytime soon.
That's the thing about thrifting though, some days are hits and others misses.
The adventure is what it's all about.

Coffee table makeover post coming Thursday!