Weekend Recap


This weekend Tanner & Amanda came up from Chicago for a visit!
We ate tons of good food, played many games, took lots of pictures, drank boxed wine, thrifted, danced a little (well maybe just me), froze our bums off and got toasty by the fire.
Up until a few months ago Tanner and Amanda lived in AZ, so our get-togethers were yearly,
but now that they live so much closer! we are aiming for monthly.
So much better :)
Before they took off on Sunday we had a little photoshoot.
And by little, I mean teeny tiny.
We got like three good pictures (which I'll post soon).
The weather just wasn't cooperating.
The sun was shining, but we were freeeezing.
Needless to say, it was an adventure.
Can't wait til next month!

P.S. Tanner & Amanda's dog, Stella, and my furry baby, Maggie, are besties.
Here they are napping with their papas.
(Sorry for the poor picture quality)