For Your Enjoyment!


Although I'm not a musician, music is a huge part of my life.
I'm also not a writer, so describing just how important music is to me proves to be a difficult task.
I'm sure many can relate and will know what I'm trying to say better than I can say it, so I won't try too hard. :)
Certain artists, albums, and live shows have defined who I am and shaped many of my life experiences.
That sounds weird to say, but it's true.
Whenever I hear an old Modest Mouse song, I think of high school art club and lunches in my cousin's car; Death Cab's Transatlanticism takes me back to my first road trip and live show in St. Louis; Neutral Milk Hotel reminds me of laying out on my parent's back deck with my best friend dreaming of all that was to come; hearing Blind Melon brings my brother to mind; and Gram Parsons reminds me of my parent's old stereo system and childhood in general.
I have so many great memories, as well as bad, tied to music.
It's a constant in my life.

Today, Pandora, Grooveshark, iTunes, the radio and my record player all help me get my daily music fix, and I love them oh so much for it.
So I've been thinking- why not jump on board with the many other bloggers out there that have a weekly music feature?!
Well! I've been having so much fun putting together playlists of some of my favorite artists to share with you!
Right now I've got about four playlists with different themes ready to go...
As I discover new music each day I hope to expand my taste and playlists the same. So hopefully this will become a fairly regular feature around here.
This first installment could be categorized as a general indie rock playlist I suppose.
Hope you enjoy something you hear here!

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