(This was around the time that I had 120 items checked out from the library; you can see some of them here!)

Okay, so this is my first post. Day One. It is going to be short because it's late, and I should be sleeping. My mammals and I are the only ones awake. Maggie won't stop barking at nothing. Moose doesn't know what to do. So I guess we are going to be living in Indiana for the summer. Aaron is going to do an internship at Purdue. I'm excited; it will be like a month and a half long vacation for me, hopefully. I started looking into options for myself while we are there, and I think I may try to volunteer at one of the libraries in town. I don't want to end up just sitting around all day by myself like I do now. OKay, my life is pretty boring, so I'm not sure why I think I should start a blog. I guess it's just something to do. I painted my toenails red tonight in anticipation of spring and sandal wearing season. Also, I ordered a couple dresses online. I am sooo ready for nice weather. I'm starting to clean up the clutter around the house and plan for a yard sale once spring comes. We have accumulated so much stuff while living here, it's unreal how much crap we have. I am a clutter bug and junker, but enough is enough. I need to weed my life.