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Etsy wishlist (kitchen edition)

I need these adorable pans (I have the matching skillet!) via VintageNesting
pretty much the most amazing cake plate ever! via RetroAndCo
I have been drinking so much tea lately, and this teapot is adorable! via JollyPollyPickins
I am definitely in need of some cute spice jars, and these would be perfect :) via graceestate
if only there were 10 of them instead of 2
can never have enough coffee mugs via allthebestvintage

I love collecting vintage kitchen items. Which is ironic seeing as how I cannot cook, and therefore spend little time in the kitchen. But, I can eat. And I like to eat on pretty dishes and drink from pretty cups. As you can see from my picks above, I'm not all about having a matchy matchy kitchen either. My cabinets contain a number of different patterned and colored dishes- most of which are vintage. I'm pretty sure all of the above Etsy finds would fit in quite nicely with my collection; however, my cabinets are pretty full right now so it is still to be determined whether or not I'll get any of them. :)

Just wanted to do a quick post tonight. I'll be heading home to Illinois on Wednesday for the holiday, and I'll be there for a little over a week. I'm not sure how much I'll get to post, so I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!

dye Job

thrifted Minnetonka ankle boots! (p.s. amanda I wanna see yours!)

So, I may or may not be a redhead now... ;) Actually, I am! Well, it's really more orangey-red than red-red. I haven't gotten any great pictures yet, but when I do I'll post them! I was going for something pretty natural looking, and I'm not too sure I achieved that, but I like it anyway. It took two bottles to cover all of my hair! Quite the tedious process- luckily, my friend Amanda knew what she was doing as I did not. I've never colored all of my hair before (had it done or done it myself), so it took me forever to decide whether or not to do it. But I did- it's done- and I'm happy about it. Thanks Amanda!

On another note, I've been loving my vinyl collection so much lately. I'm rockin' out to some Janis/Big Brother & the Holding Co. right now, and I know I'm not alone when I say that I think she's pretty much amazing. Listening to Janis makes me happy like no matter what- it also makes me want to dance. Hmm who else has been rocking my record player tonight...let's see: Band of Horses (albums Cease to Begin and Infinite Arms), the Footloose soundtrack, Melanie (Gather Me), The Doors (self titled) and the Easy Rider soundtrack. All amazing. I love finding records for like .79 cents at thrift stores. It's one of the greatest things ever. I think I may need to go record shopping this week- my cabinet isn't completely full and that's a problem.

cape Magic

Ok, so this cape and dress may not go together very well, but they are two of my favorite vintage pieces I own. I have had this cape forever- like since high school. It was one of the greatest thrift finds ever! Both the cape and dress are super comfortable and cute- probably the only reason I paired them together. I wear this dress around the house a lot- but I've never really found a reason to wear it out. I should. I don't need a reason. It's cute- that's a good enough reason. Right? : ) Well, I guess that's it for tonight...just wanted to post a couple of pictures. Til later...

dressUp day

I have been absolutely terrible at updating my blog lately- although I am still sick. I just can't shake it! I have been sick for a little over a week now. What is this about? It's not even that cold out yet. Hmph. Oh well. I needed to get active today so I made myself take some pictures. I got the skirt and vest pictured above at a rummage sale last month. They are amazing. I have been wearing the vest everywhere, but I hadn't yet gotten a chance to wear the skirt. It's super warm and woolly; therefore, I see a happy future for it this winter paired with some sweater tights and tall boots. The skirt came with a belt- which I do have on, but you cannot see very well. I'm very amateur when it comes to taking photos (I'm sure you can tell). They typically turn out much better when the mister takes them- alas, one of us has to work for a living, so he was not around. ;) Okay, well I am taking off to go thrifting for a bit!

sick Season

I am under the weather again...I am getting so sick of being sick!! I thought I could shake it, but I haven't been feeling well all week. I am cuddled up on the couch with a mug of hot tea, and I'm hoping that will take care of it. I have an interview tomorrow, and I need to be feelin' good! Isn't my new tea/wine mug amazing?
: ) TJ Maxx never lets me down. Ok, time to rest up.

unplanned Break

So, I've been terrible about updating my blog lately- oops! I get in these weird funky moods sometimes and kind of just stop doing things. I've been feeling really homesick and missing my family; luckily, Thanksgiving is coming up and I'll get to see them then! Also, I haven't really been thrifting as much lately- gasp! (hence the cute picture of my sweet furry baby Maggie) I've been going to the gym a lot, and that's about it. Oh, but I do have an interview on Friday! It's definitely time to get a job. It was exciting being unemployed for a while, but now I'm just super bored and lazy-feeling all the time. We have been in MI for almost three months and still no job! I mean, it's not totally my fault that I don't have a job- the unemployment rate here is like the highest in the country- but I could be trying a little harder.

Well, on a happier note, Amanda and I are working on solidifying plans for our etsy shop! We will be featuring handmade AND vintage items! I can't wait. Truthfully, opening an online shop is a lot of work! I'm sure a lot of people already knew that- but I didn't. Not to mention the fact that we are in separate states- so that makes it a bit harder as well. But we are both pretty excited and motivated to make it work! I'll be sure to update on our progress- as I'm sure she will too.

ok, til later...