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Thrift Finds

The mister and I just returned from a long weekend visit back home in IL.
It was a nice little vacation, and I got to see lots of family and friends,
but I did miss my blog.
Here are a few of my more recent thrifted finds/gifts.
A couple of the items above were gifted to me by my aunt who regularly attends auctions,
and a few are items I forgot to post about until now.
Like my hutch!
How I could forget about that beauty is beyond me.
But no worries, there will be a whole post dedicated to the hutch very, very soon.

Here's the breakdown-
Owl candle holders- gift
Butterfly ashtray- gift
Betty Crocker recipe box- $1.51
Curtains- $2.99
Owl clock- $3.99
Hutch- $38

Just stopping in for a quick update as my dad is here visiting for a little while.
My brother is also coming to visit this weekend, and I'm so excited!
He hasn't been to MI since we've lived here, and I can't wait to show him around.
Hopefully we'll be spending some time at the beach as well!

We Pass the Time

I love being outside.
Especially when the weather is as beautiful as it has been.
I keep a blanket in the back of my car at all times for spontaneous picnics or naps in the sun.
I am a summer girl for sure.
Give me a book and blanket on the beach and I'm set.
If only we lived a little closer to the beach...
Yesterday evening the mister and I roller-bladed for miles around campus. It was lovely.
Something about summer just makes me want to be active.
I want to play sand volleyball and tennis and swim and ride my bike.
Ahh so many things to do in so few months...

What are some of your favorite summer activities?

Thrift Finds

Well, I've been at it again...
Here are some of my finds from the past couple of weeks.
A few things came from garage sales and the rest from thrift stores.
All cheap and amazing.
Here's the breakdown (albeit totally disorganized)-
Old milk crates- Free!!
'70s paper plates- $.20
Mushroom mugs- $3
Pyrex- $1.99
Apron & scarf- $.99/each
Green bowls- $1.50
Juice container- $1.90
Flower dish- $.99
Apothecary jar- $1.99
Jewelry tray- $1.99
Silhouette paintings- $.99
Dish towels- $2.99
Records- $2/each

While in Naperville visiting Tanner & Amanda we stumbled upon the most amazing garage sale ever!
The woman running the sale was all like, "Hey you guys into vinyl records?"
And we're like, "Umm YEAH!"
So she took us down into the basement of the house, and it was full of records!
Thousands of them! Heaven I tell you.
And they were only $2 a piece.
Unfortunately we only had so much cash on us, so I had to choose wisely which was tough.
I ended up with two Marshall Tucker LPs, a Tom Petty, two Loretta Lynn, Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie and a Dr. Hook.
Sorry for the long story, just had to share the awesome randomness of it.

Here I Am Again

This is where I've been since my last post thirteen days ago...
not really, but I wish.
I have been a terrible blogger and hope my readers haven't given up on me.
This is probably the longest I've gone without posting, and it's not that I didn't want to.
Sometimes life happens, things get in the way, and a break is needed...
Nevertheless, I'm back, and here to stay.

I have been a fairly busy bee lately, and I can't wait to post some new thrift finds this week!
The mister and I went to Naperville this weekend to visit Tanner & Amanda.
It was a nice little getaway full of fun and adventure...
just what I needed.
Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures, but if you hop on over to Amanda's blog you can see a few.

The rest of my evening is dedicated to wine drinking and record listening.
I'll be back tomorrow with a thrift finds post!

To Everything There is a Season

Just wanted to check in for a quick second and post a little photo recap of my holiday weekend.
My in-laws drove up for a few days and much fun was had by all.
How was your long weekend?