Where You'll Find Him


The mister has been on a serious cooking & baking kick the past four days.
He recently picked up a new cookbook at TJMaxx and since then he's been spending all his time in
the kitchen.
Needless to say, I'm not complaining.
As I've mentioned before I am domestically challenged, especially when it comes to cooking.
Lucky for me, I married a great cook who loves to experiment.
Remember the 'soup challenge' from many months ago...
yeah, it never happened.
Well this new cookbook of his is full of amazing soup recipes.
This weekend he made cheesy cauliflower soup and chili (veggie for me, meaty for him).
Then today he decided to take a stab at baking bread- first time ever.
It turned out great! (as evidenced by the photos above)
Can't wait to see what he cooks up tomorrow.

P.S. I start my new job tomorrow and couldn't be more excited!