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D.I.Y. Cart Makeover

Finally, my first D.I.Y. on the blog! Yay!
Turns out the mister and I make a pretty good team.
I have a vision (albeit a pretty simple one), and he executes it (with a little help from me).
We found this old Costco cart for $3.00 at the bargain barn a few weeks back, and it was in definite need of some TLC, as evidenced by the pictures.
As soon as I saw the cart I knew I wanted it to house my microwave and a few other kitchen gadgets.
Luckily it was a quick and easy fix. Cheap, too :)

All you need is a couple cans of spray paint (we choose Summer Squash), some sandpaper and a screwdriver.
First we took the cart apart and sanded down all the surfaces.
Then we spray painted said surfaces (except for the railing).
Let dry for 24 hours.
Put back together.
Good as new!
The hardest part of this whole project was picking the perfect color of spray paint.

I know this is a super easy self-explanatory project makeover, but I wanted to share anyhow.
Being able to see the potential in cheap, old and rusty items is a fairly new concept to me.
Not necessarily a new concept, but a new inspiration I'd say.
I feel like I've got a new set of eyes when I'm out thrifting now.
So many possibilities!...maybe not such a good thing for a compulsive thrifter like me ;)
More D.I.Y.s coming soon including a $10.00 coffee table makeover!

Weekend Recap

I didn't even realize until I was going through my pictures how many sweets I consumed this weekend.
Good thing I've started back to the gym, huh.
Besides eating sugary treats, this weekend was spent day-tripping, treasure picking, and school visiting.
Earlier this week I finalized and submitted my grad school application!
I am beyond excited and nervous. Just playing the waiting game now.
I've been contemplating going back to school ever since I graduated almost three years ago, so needless to say, it's about time.
Although I haven't been accepted yet, I'm optimistic, and I really wanted to check out the campus, so the mister and I took a little trip to Detroit on Saturday.
We also stopped in at IKEA on the way!
I was soooo excited to go. I'm a dork, yes, but I've only been to one once before.
We found some amazing fabric (think origami woodland creatures) that I'm going to use to make pillow covers and a few other little items.
Yes, IKEA was fun, but visiting campus really got me looking forward to returning to school.
So cross your fingers :)

P.S. See that first picture? All my dreams came true one day while perusing the ice cream isle at my local Kroger after leaving the gym. Who knew about this new flavor and didn't tell me?!

P.S.S. The mister and I partook in some Sunday pickin' today, and I can't wait to show you what we found!
New project posts coming soon!

Thrift Finds

Someone's been thrifting...
oh, it's me.
Surprise, surprise.
Here are a few of my recent finds.

Mini Thermos (matches a bigger one I have)- $1.69
Pyrex coffee carafe- $1.99
Clear Pyrex souffle? bowls- $2.99
Milk Glass sugar dispenser- $1.99
Solo cozy cups (in original packaging!)- $1.99
Clear Pyrex casserole dish w/ matching lid (dated 1915-1926!! perfect condition)- $5.99
Glass salt & pepper shakers- $0.99/each
Mexican bird feather craft- $4.00
Vintage Chicago rainbow bell (gift for some special Chicagoans!)- $1.99
Vintage tumblers- $0.59/each

Side note: Lately I've been finding lots of clear vintage Pyrex as opposed to the '60s/'70s patterned Pyrex I usually come across while thrifting. Crazy.

I'll be back soon with a BluesFest post from this past weekend.

P.SSSS. An Etsy store is majorly in the works. I've set a deadline of Thanksgiving!

The Farm

I know, major photo overload, but can you blame me?!
I wanted to post a few pictures of our Labor Day/Birthday weekend trip to southern Illinois.
Affectionately known as 'the farm' to family and friends, this little corner of the world is presently home to Aaron's parents, aunt and their many furry friends.
The mister grew up spending weekends, summers and holidays here, and not surprisingly it's always held a special place in his heart.
Ever since we first starting dating eight years ago (whoa!) he's been more than ecstatic to 'drag' me down south every chance he gets.
It didn't take too long for this place to grow on me (ok, maybe a few trips), and to this day I couldn't be more in love.
Every second spent at the farm feels like vacation. It's truly amazing.
From lounging on the deck & watching the herons on the lake to late night card games and wine tastings, it's always an adventure.
It makes me so happy to think that one day we'll be able to share this place with our children as Aaron's parents were able to share with him and his sister.

Dog Days

This little lady can't catch a break.
Last week it was an ear infection. This week, a hot spot.
I swear we are paying our vet's mortgage this month! Seriously.
Poor girl is just a miserable mess lately.
I first noticed the hot spot last Friday night, and seeing as how I've never encountered this problem before, I didn't think much of it. I figured it would heal with time.
Little did I know...
by this evening it was lookin' pretty bad and was bothering her a great deal, so we took her in.
They had to knock her out, clean her up and then prescribe a handful of meds/ointments. Turns out it was way worse than I thought and will take a few months to heal.
(I know, such a bad mommy!)
Afterwards she was acting pretty silly from the gas, but we could tell she still felt terrible,
so we treated her to an ice cream cone.
Tonight she's drugged up and passed out.
Going to the vet is always a taxing experience for her and us; she realllllly hates it there, and she's quite dramatic about it.
She typically pees/poops all over, has to be muzzled/sedated for trying to bite the vet or tech, and yelps at the top of her lungs to let everyone know just how much she hates being there.
If she's not happy, no one is happy.
Needless to say, we only take her in when it's really necessary, and unfortunately today it was.
So here's to hoping she feels better soon.

Thrift Finds

Holy cow!
Sorry for the unintentional brief hiatus.
We took a little vacation over the holiday weekend to celebrate the mister's birthday.
And by little, I mean we drove a long ass way. 9.5 hours to be exact. Yeah...
Well worth the trip though.
Pictures coming soon :)

Since I've last posted much thrifting has been done.
Many treasures have been found.
Pictured above are a very few.
Blue Webster typewriter- $15.00 (so worth it!)
Owl clock (yes, another one)- $1.99
60s Keane prints- $2.99
Canvas sailboat wall hanging- $4.99
Vint. flower shoe holder- $0.79
Cake carrier- $5.00

Recently acquired treasures not pictured above:
vintage denim wrap skirt, a bunch of vinyl ($1/each), colorful tablecloths ($1.99/each), pyrex cake pan ($1.99), a bunch of books ($1 or less), orange/white thermos ($1.99), ton of owl stuff (c/o Aaron's aunt), beautiful old quilt made by Aaron's great-grandma, two mid-century end tables (c/o A's parents)

That's all I can think of...for now.