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more Fall favorites...


cozy blankets (photo via weheartit)

warm fires and wool socks (photo via weheartit)
Positive Influence Sweater

Luck Is In the Cardigan

long, fluid sweaters (photo via ModCloth)

changing leaves (photo via weheartit)
sweet smelling candles (photo via the web)
halloween (photo via wehearit)
and a tofurkey Thanksgiving! (photo via the web)

grr. i am totally behind on posting. so, once again i had to pull images from the web. i still haven't had time to figure out the image uploader. i'm probably just missing something super easy to see. but, i've been busy this week and haven't had time to mess around. amanda and i are going to be attending and selling at a craft fair this weekend back near my hometown. we are crazy busy making as many cards as we can before friday. it's kind of going to be a little test run for our up and coming business venture. (next stop etsy shop). it will be fun to experiment in a physical environment of selling versus online. i'm so excited! ok, well i'm actually going back home for a week starting friday, but hopefully i will have some updates throughout the week. til later...

fall Favorites (food edition)

s'mores (photo via weheartit)
hot chocolate (photo via weheartit)
pumpkin pie! (photo via weheartit)
Pumpkin Cheesecake
mmm, veggie chili with cornbread (photo via weheartit)

can you say sweet tooth? :) fall sweets are definitely some of my favorite. i tend to gravitate toward anything pumpkin flavored this season. soup is also a major staple A and i start relying on in the fall. it's so nice to just make a huge batch of soup and eat on it all week. while i can't usually cook worth a darn, i can make soup. probably because it's the easiest thing on the planet to make...nonetheless, it's the only thing i can make that tastes decent. and i'm looking forward to trying out some new soup recipes as the weather gets chillier. today's weather is definitely soup-eating worthy; however, we didn't make any. oh well, the season has just started, and from what i hear about MI winters, we will have a looong time for soup eating. hmm, i just had a thought! maybe i should challenge myself to make a new soup every week all season long?! that would be fun! i wonder if i could find that many vegetarian soup recipes? i'm sure i could! also, recommendations would be helpful :) i'm pretty sure A would be up for helping me out with the challenge seeing as how he is the master chef around here. is that cheating if he helps me? well, i think not. because i am the one making up the rules. lol. that way he can teach me to be a better cook. ok, i think i'm going to do it! has anyone seen the movie Julie & Julia? this challenge is similar to the one in that movie except i'm not going to do a new recipe everyday, and i'm only going to be making soup. so maybe it's not the same at all. well anyways, i'll be sure to update on how the challenge is going. ok, night all. 

side note: my plan when starting this blog was to only use my own photos; however, blogger has changed the photo uploader and i can't figure out how to do what i want to do yet. hence, the images via weheartit and other sites which are linked above. i'm hoping to solve this dilemma soon. also, i'm not saying there is anything wrong with using other persons photos (as long as credit is given), i just didn't plan on it. :)

happy Hump Day and Harvest Moon

bday card i made for my grandpa

more thrifted books! to add to our library

i don't know if anyone else feels this way, but i absolutely love thrifting good books (and lots of them for little money). especially when they are in great condition and they were written by some of my favorite authors. i found TWO joyce carol oates books yesterday! she is by far one of my favorite authors. i first had the pleasure of reading JCO in college where my professor assigned the short story "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been" and ever since then i have loved everything i've read of hers. she has written so much, and i've slowly started reading through and collecting each book, novella and short story compilation. although there are some similarities throughout her works, i feel as though each story is diverse in its subject matter. which makes for an interesting read every time.

on another note, i'm slowly coming out of my funk. i was pretty productive today as far as cleaning, laundry and dishes go. but, i also starting drawing again. i used to draw and paint all the time, i took some art classes in college, and even thought about majoring in art ed. well, i didn't end up making that my major, and i also slowly gave up on drawing and creating. but i'm back at it. albeit, my skills need some brushing up, but that will just take time and practice. luckily, or maybe not so much, i still don't have a job, so i have lots of time to practice. another craft i'm trying to learn is embroidery. i don't know why i thought this would be easy. i always remember my great-grandmother with a needle and thread embroidering a pillow or blanket, and i wish i would have been interested while she was still living. trying to learn these techniques from a book just isn't working for me. either that, or i just don't have a knack for this particular craft. i'm not giving up just yet though.

ok, that's all for now. til later...

cozy nights

we finally had a fire a couple nights ago! it was amazing. i've never had a fireplace before, and now i'm sure i cannot live without one ever again. the weather was absolutely perfect for a fire. cool and crisp. and the best part of all...i got to make s'mores! yum! i'm pretty sure s'mores are at the top of my favorites list, especially for fall- which is tomorrow! ok, well i'll be back to regular posting tomorrow with some of my recent thrift finds. night.

weekend Recap

grrr...i haven't updated in forever. ok, well like 3 days, but it seems like a long time. this weekend A and i went to the bluesfest for like 10 minutes. i was grumpy though, so we left way early. i've kind of been in a funk this week. i didn't totally ruin the night, however. we went to a movie then came home and had our first fire in the fireplace. amazing. i'm pretty sure i can never live anywhere without a fireplace now, especially while we are in michigan. on a side note, the pic above is of the grand river. isn't it beautious? i sure think so. so the rest of the weekend has been spent laying around, being lazy, watching movies, drinking wine and overall, not being productive. i'm hoping to get lots done this week. we will see. ok, well short but sweet. hmm not really that sweet, sorry. ta-ta for now.

playing Dress up

i've been rummaging through my vintage clothing collection and thought i'd better play dress up and take some pictures. most of these pieces are ones i've never really worn, but i mean, how could i pass them up?! well, i guess i've worn the black, yellow and white floral '70s skirt a couple times. the rest have just been boxed or bagged up gathering dust. this tends to be the case with most of my vintage clothing. which i hate. i wish i was confident enough to wear a burnt orange corduroy two piece '70s suit out and about around town, alas, i am not. :) but i love all these pieces sooo much that i just can't part with them. well, some of them. i'm thinking about possibly setting up a way to sell or trade some pieces in the near future. bartering/swapping clothing really appeals to me more than selling sometimes, as i love when my collection grows rather than depletes. and, truly, i just have so much piling up around here that i'm really trying to set up shop, so to speak. i have so many collections started (pyrex, clothing, figurines etc.) that i need to decide on my favorites and stick with them, rather than starting new collections every other week. it's just so hard. i think i possess some hoarding tendencies. i love to be surrounded by stuff that i love, i love getting a good deal and i hate to part with things. hmm...feels like a problem sometimes. oh well, i'm over it. :) ok, well i'm tired, it's late, so i'm off to bed.

indian Summer

dress- thrifted $3
boots- TJ Maxx $10 sale
belt- thrifted $5

first off, sorry the background of my pictures is so monotonous. i generally decide to take pictures right before the sun starts setting (once A gets home from work, relaxes, then decides to help me), and then i have no time to change locations. so, our backyard it is. one of these days i'll make it down to the river or to a park, but for now it is what it is.

so we had a great weekend with friends in chicago. they recently moved back to the midwest, like literally, JUST moved this past week. and we just couldn't resist going to bother them as they tried to settle in. :) we ate tons of good food, drank wine (me n amanda) and beer (T and A), played games, went to the renegade craft fair, walked around chicago, and my favorite thing of all, got Sprinkles cupcakes!!! first. time. ever. so delicious. i can't even possibly begin to explain the level of deliciousness. we each got three! (we knew the secret word, so we each got one free ontop of the two we wanted). :) even better. i had the peanut butter chocolate, red velvet and black &white. and A had almond dark chocolate, banana dark chocolate and black & white. yum. yum. yum. trips will be made to chicago regularly solely for the purpose of getting Sprinkles. well, and of course, to see T and Amanda.

ok, well now i'm watching the VMA's a day late. and A is ready to take over the computer. so til later...

early Fall shoot

here's a little shoot with some of my vintage fall pieces.

windy tuesday

miss piggy modeling hats...

and then me...
i think miss piggy does a better job :)

here is a little peek at my vintage fall pieces
can't wait to start styling and wearing these outfits...
fall is near!