Looking Up


As of late I haven't been feeling like doing outfit posts or really any posts for that matter. There are many reasons for this lack of ambition, and I know you are dying to know why my posts have been so sporadic, so here it is... everything I put on feels wrong (and itchy); I'm sick of layers and bulky sweaters and wool; I just want to be comfortable; I've been going to the gym almost everyday and feel like I've seen no results; the mister has been working later, thus isn't around for picture taking; and finally, the winter blues are catching up to me as I am still unemployed (albeit hopefully not for long). Well yesterday I decided to see if I could lift my spirits by partaking in some retail therapy, and yes, it worked. I only had to make one stop to find just what I was looking for to bring me out of my funk. The gray maxi skirt pictured above found at Forever21! It is so comfortable and versatile. Although it's pretty lightweight, so to make it work in this weather I layered leggings and socks underneath to keep warm. I can't wait to style it up in warmer weather. This is definitely a new staple in my closet, and I will probably wear it way too often. Buy it here. Really, do it. :)

Okay so maybe I can't give the skirt all of the credit for lifting my spirits yesterday. I also had an interview for a library job which felt really good and went well. Even if I don't get the job I still feel better knowing there is hope. And! as I am writing this post, I got a call for another interview at another library! I mean I've lived here almost 6 months with few prospects and no calls, until this week. It's craziness. But, here's to hoping!