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Miss me?
This weekend was ridiculous. And it was so because I had to work on Saturday and Sunday.
I know I shouldn't complain.
Lots of people have to work every weekend and at much crappier jobs.
But still. It sucked. And I had to deal with some serious biznatches.
End rant.

So I wore this outfit for a few hours on Friday while shopping.
Hippie-esque dress and cowboy boots- one of my favorite looks ever.
Super cute and comfy.
I would probably wear this everyday if it wasn't so cold right now and if I wouldn't start to smell bad.
I foresee many a spring day when this outfit or something similar will show up again.

By the way- any thoughts on the new hair color?
It's kinda dark, but I like it.

ALSO! I totally forgot to tell you!
I saw Murder By Death last night- for like the 8th time!
They are amazing.
Great musicians and live shows.
Go listen to them now.

Lovely Ladies

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Just wanted to stop in for a quick minute and share another playlist featuring some of my favorite ladies of all time.

Silver Lining

Are these pants too weird? I can't decide.
I thrifted them last week, and at the time thought they looked really good.
But now that I am seeing them in pictures, I'm not so sure.
I think they are a little too '80s for me. Or something.
They are super comfortable though.

Is anyone else sick of mother nature being a little bitch?
Yes, I said it. She's being a bitch and needs to stop.
This past week the weather was so beautiful. I was even able to walk around without a coat!
All the snow had melted, and it was starting to feel like Spring was near.
I know it's still February, but can't a girl dream??
Apparently not.
As of this afternoon it has been snowing sooo hard.
Like 8 inches in 5 hours.
Silver lining- the freshly fallen snow is pretty.

In other news, I'm a brunette again. And loving it.
Red hair was nice and all, but it was just too much upkeep for this lazy lady.
Pictures to come soon!

Thrift Finds

Here are a few of my recent finds.
All of these owls came from the same thrift store!
Can you believe it? I sure couldn't.
There was a whole display full of owl stuff. Craziness.
Maybe not super exciting to all, but to me, most definitely.
Needless to say, my dad couldn't have cared less. Hah!
As I started piling these babies into my cart, he just stood there laughing.
Fun times.

No, but really, I love it that my dad is also a thrifter.
It's something fun that we can do together.
He's actually more of an auction guy, but same diff.
He brought me quite a few treasures this time, and I can't wait to post about them!
As a matter of fact, many of my family members are avid thrifters like me.
<3 them.

A Little Late

Oops! I know- Valentine's was sooo two days ago.
But here's a recap anyway :)
It was a pretty chill 'holiday' around these parts involving flowers, cupcakes and a little fort.
Aaron had the flowers delivered to me at work. One word- embarrassing!
And no, I'm not being mean.
He knew it would embarrass me and took joy in the fact that it did so.
Grrr. (of course, they are beautiful.)

Anyway, we picked up some cupcakes after work from my favorite place ever- The Sugar Shack!
Then spent the rest of the evening eating in, watching t.v. and taking naps.
Yes- we are 80 year olds. Hah!
I feel like we celebrated just the right amount.

Love is All Around

Mother nature decided to cooperate today, so I finally managed to get some outfit photos.
I think it hit the 40s here which was a much needed break from the below zero temps we've been having.
Gah! I am so looking forward to warmer weather and spending more time outdoors.
Soon enough, soon enough.
While my dad was here visiting we did lots of thrifting, and I found tons of great stuff!
I'm excited to show you some of the goodies I got, so I'll be doing a thrift finds post later this week.
Also, hopefully I'll be back to regular posting now that I'm getting settled into my new job and my stress levels are balancing back out.

I've got a little surprise planned for Valentine's Day which I can't talk about just in case the mister decides to read this tonight
I'll be sure to take pictures and post about it tomorrow (if it works out).
Anyone else have something special planned for the holiday?

Ok, this post has taken me like an hour to write because I'm watching the Grammys too.
There have been some pretty awesome performances so far.
I'm looking forward to seeing Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan.
Also- I kind of love Lady Gaga.
and so does my mom :)

I took these outfit pictures over a week ago, and I haven't taken any since.
I've been slacking. And still am.
To be expected from me. I do this like every three weeks it seems.
I'm workin' on it.
Aaron is out-of-state at a conference this week, so I'm all by my lonesome.
Luckily, my awesome friends, Amanda, Rob, and Pat are letting me stay at their house while he is gone.
Yeah, I'm a huge baby and don't like to stay by myself.
I'm such a big baby, in fact, that my dad is coming to stay with me for a few days as well.
I'm pretty excited.
Today I started my new job, and it was super stressful.
I hate the initial awkwardness and uncertainty that goes along with learning a new job and meeting new people.
Looking forward to jumping ahead a few weeks or months (at least in terms of the job).
Okay, time to unwind and drink wine.
Night all!

Oh yeah- I just finished reading Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. I highly recommend it if you enjoy Chelsea Handler's sense of humor- it's hilarious.

Snow Day!

As promised here are a few photos from Amanda and I's mini-shoot this past weekend.
These are some of the pictures Aaron took.
Tanner also took some with his film camera...
so be looking for those (hopefully) over on Amanda's blog.
If they don't show up, bother her til they do.

We were literally outside for like 5 minutes before everyone decided a photoshoot was a bad idea.
Did I mention they lived in AZ up until a few months prior?
I don't think their bodies have quite adjusted to the freezing cold temps yet.
Wimps! :)
Oh well, I'm happy with the few pictures we did get.
And warmer weather is ahead, so we are looking forward to many more shoots.

By the way, the park where we took these photos was super awesome.
It has a sledding hill, dog park, trails, and a lake.
Can't wait to explore some more once the weather shapes up.

Today the mister and I had a snow day!
Our area was one of many that got hit with the big 'snowpocalypse'
Although we didn't get it as bad as they were predicting...
so back to work tomorrow!
Night all!