Silver Lining


Are these pants too weird? I can't decide.
I thrifted them last week, and at the time thought they looked really good.
But now that I am seeing them in pictures, I'm not so sure.
I think they are a little too '80s for me. Or something.
They are super comfortable though.

Is anyone else sick of mother nature being a little bitch?
Yes, I said it. She's being a bitch and needs to stop.
This past week the weather was so beautiful. I was even able to walk around without a coat!
All the snow had melted, and it was starting to feel like Spring was near.
I know it's still February, but can't a girl dream??
Apparently not.
As of this afternoon it has been snowing sooo hard.
Like 8 inches in 5 hours.
Silver lining- the freshly fallen snow is pretty.

In other news, I'm a brunette again. And loving it.
Red hair was nice and all, but it was just too much upkeep for this lazy lady.
Pictures to come soon!