Thrift Finds


Here are a few of my recent finds.
All of these owls came from the same thrift store!
Can you believe it? I sure couldn't.
There was a whole display full of owl stuff. Craziness.
Maybe not super exciting to all, but to me, most definitely.
Needless to say, my dad couldn't have cared less. Hah!
As I started piling these babies into my cart, he just stood there laughing.
Fun times.

No, but really, I love it that my dad is also a thrifter.
It's something fun that we can do together.
He's actually more of an auction guy, but same diff.
He brought me quite a few treasures this time, and I can't wait to post about them!
As a matter of fact, many of my family members are avid thrifters like me.
<3 them.