Miss me?
This weekend was ridiculous. And it was so because I had to work on Saturday and Sunday.
I know I shouldn't complain.
Lots of people have to work every weekend and at much crappier jobs.
But still. It sucked. And I had to deal with some serious biznatches.
End rant.

So I wore this outfit for a few hours on Friday while shopping.
Hippie-esque dress and cowboy boots- one of my favorite looks ever.
Super cute and comfy.
I would probably wear this everyday if it wasn't so cold right now and if I wouldn't start to smell bad.
I foresee many a spring day when this outfit or something similar will show up again.

By the way- any thoughts on the new hair color?
It's kinda dark, but I like it.

ALSO! I totally forgot to tell you!
I saw Murder By Death last night- for like the 8th time!
They are amazing.
Great musicians and live shows.
Go listen to them now.