Snow Day!


As promised here are a few photos from Amanda and I's mini-shoot this past weekend.
These are some of the pictures Aaron took.
Tanner also took some with his film camera...
so be looking for those (hopefully) over on Amanda's blog.
If they don't show up, bother her til they do.

We were literally outside for like 5 minutes before everyone decided a photoshoot was a bad idea.
Did I mention they lived in AZ up until a few months prior?
I don't think their bodies have quite adjusted to the freezing cold temps yet.
Wimps! :)
Oh well, I'm happy with the few pictures we did get.
And warmer weather is ahead, so we are looking forward to many more shoots.

By the way, the park where we took these photos was super awesome.
It has a sledding hill, dog park, trails, and a lake.
Can't wait to explore some more once the weather shapes up.

Today the mister and I had a snow day!
Our area was one of many that got hit with the big 'snowpocalypse'
Although we didn't get it as bad as they were predicting...
so back to work tomorrow!
Night all!