Love is All Around


Mother nature decided to cooperate today, so I finally managed to get some outfit photos.
I think it hit the 40s here which was a much needed break from the below zero temps we've been having.
Gah! I am so looking forward to warmer weather and spending more time outdoors.
Soon enough, soon enough.
While my dad was here visiting we did lots of thrifting, and I found tons of great stuff!
I'm excited to show you some of the goodies I got, so I'll be doing a thrift finds post later this week.
Also, hopefully I'll be back to regular posting now that I'm getting settled into my new job and my stress levels are balancing back out.

I've got a little surprise planned for Valentine's Day which I can't talk about just in case the mister decides to read this tonight
I'll be sure to take pictures and post about it tomorrow (if it works out).
Anyone else have something special planned for the holiday?

Ok, this post has taken me like an hour to write because I'm watching the Grammys too.
There have been some pretty awesome performances so far.
I'm looking forward to seeing Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan.
Also- I kind of love Lady Gaga.
and so does my mom :)