weekend Recap


grrr...i haven't updated in forever. ok, well like 3 days, but it seems like a long time. this weekend A and i went to the bluesfest for like 10 minutes. i was grumpy though, so we left way early. i've kind of been in a funk this week. i didn't totally ruin the night, however. we went to a movie then came home and had our first fire in the fireplace. amazing. i'm pretty sure i can never live anywhere without a fireplace now, especially while we are in michigan. on a side note, the pic above is of the grand river. isn't it beautious? i sure think so. so the rest of the weekend has been spent laying around, being lazy, watching movies, drinking wine and overall, not being productive. i'm hoping to get lots done this week. we will see. ok, well short but sweet. hmm not really that sweet, sorry. ta-ta for now.