fall Favorites (food edition)


s'mores (photo via weheartit)
hot chocolate (photo via weheartit)
pumpkin pie! (photo via weheartit)
Pumpkin Cheesecake
mmm, veggie chili with cornbread (photo via weheartit)

can you say sweet tooth? :) fall sweets are definitely some of my favorite. i tend to gravitate toward anything pumpkin flavored this season. soup is also a major staple A and i start relying on in the fall. it's so nice to just make a huge batch of soup and eat on it all week. while i can't usually cook worth a darn, i can make soup. probably because it's the easiest thing on the planet to make...nonetheless, it's the only thing i can make that tastes decent. and i'm looking forward to trying out some new soup recipes as the weather gets chillier. today's weather is definitely soup-eating worthy; however, we didn't make any. oh well, the season has just started, and from what i hear about MI winters, we will have a looong time for soup eating. hmm, i just had a thought! maybe i should challenge myself to make a new soup every week all season long?! that would be fun! i wonder if i could find that many vegetarian soup recipes? i'm sure i could! also, recommendations would be helpful :) i'm pretty sure A would be up for helping me out with the challenge seeing as how he is the master chef around here. is that cheating if he helps me? well, i think not. because i am the one making up the rules. lol. that way he can teach me to be a better cook. ok, i think i'm going to do it! has anyone seen the movie Julie & Julia? this challenge is similar to the one in that movie except i'm not going to do a new recipe everyday, and i'm only going to be making soup. so maybe it's not the same at all. well anyways, i'll be sure to update on how the challenge is going. ok, night all. 

side note: my plan when starting this blog was to only use my own photos; however, blogger has changed the photo uploader and i can't figure out how to do what i want to do yet. hence, the images via weheartit and other sites which are linked above. i'm hoping to solve this dilemma soon. also, i'm not saying there is anything wrong with using other persons photos (as long as credit is given), i just didn't plan on it. :)