playing Dress up


i've been rummaging through my vintage clothing collection and thought i'd better play dress up and take some pictures. most of these pieces are ones i've never really worn, but i mean, how could i pass them up?! well, i guess i've worn the black, yellow and white floral '70s skirt a couple times. the rest have just been boxed or bagged up gathering dust. this tends to be the case with most of my vintage clothing. which i hate. i wish i was confident enough to wear a burnt orange corduroy two piece '70s suit out and about around town, alas, i am not. :) but i love all these pieces sooo much that i just can't part with them. well, some of them. i'm thinking about possibly setting up a way to sell or trade some pieces in the near future. bartering/swapping clothing really appeals to me more than selling sometimes, as i love when my collection grows rather than depletes. and, truly, i just have so much piling up around here that i'm really trying to set up shop, so to speak. i have so many collections started (pyrex, clothing, figurines etc.) that i need to decide on my favorites and stick with them, rather than starting new collections every other week. it's just so hard. i think i possess some hoarding tendencies. i love to be surrounded by stuff that i love, i love getting a good deal and i hate to part with things. hmm...feels like a problem sometimes. oh well, i'm over it. :) ok, well i'm tired, it's late, so i'm off to bed.