indian Summer


dress- thrifted $3
boots- TJ Maxx $10 sale
belt- thrifted $5

first off, sorry the background of my pictures is so monotonous. i generally decide to take pictures right before the sun starts setting (once A gets home from work, relaxes, then decides to help me), and then i have no time to change locations. so, our backyard it is. one of these days i'll make it down to the river or to a park, but for now it is what it is.

so we had a great weekend with friends in chicago. they recently moved back to the midwest, like literally, JUST moved this past week. and we just couldn't resist going to bother them as they tried to settle in. :) we ate tons of good food, drank wine (me n amanda) and beer (T and A), played games, went to the renegade craft fair, walked around chicago, and my favorite thing of all, got Sprinkles cupcakes!!! first. time. ever. so delicious. i can't even possibly begin to explain the level of deliciousness. we each got three! (we knew the secret word, so we each got one free ontop of the two we wanted). :) even better. i had the peanut butter chocolate, red velvet and black &white. and A had almond dark chocolate, banana dark chocolate and black & white. yum. yum. yum. trips will be made to chicago regularly solely for the purpose of getting Sprinkles. well, and of course, to see T and Amanda.

ok, well now i'm watching the VMA's a day late. and A is ready to take over the computer. so til later...