more Fall favorites...



cozy blankets (photo via weheartit)

warm fires and wool socks (photo via weheartit)
Positive Influence Sweater

Luck Is In the Cardigan

long, fluid sweaters (photo via ModCloth)

changing leaves (photo via weheartit)
sweet smelling candles (photo via the web)
halloween (photo via wehearit)
and a tofurkey Thanksgiving! (photo via the web)

grr. i am totally behind on posting. so, once again i had to pull images from the web. i still haven't had time to figure out the image uploader. i'm probably just missing something super easy to see. but, i've been busy this week and haven't had time to mess around. amanda and i are going to be attending and selling at a craft fair this weekend back near my hometown. we are crazy busy making as many cards as we can before friday. it's kind of going to be a little test run for our up and coming business venture. (next stop etsy shop). it will be fun to experiment in a physical environment of selling versus online. i'm so excited! ok, well i'm actually going back home for a week starting friday, but hopefully i will have some updates throughout the week. til later...