first Photoshoot friday


oh my gosh! we did it! A and I had our first photoshoot today, and it was soo fun. my look was sort of in homage to my mama (well, the '70s version of her). i've seen several pictures of her wearing the overalls and big glasses with long hair. so i was definitely feeling her vibe so to speak. hah! and A was sort of going for the '50s rolled up jeans, white tee and whiskey look i guess. i had to coax him into participating with me, and he isn't really thrilled to have me put his pictures up. but oh well. his pictures look good. and it was our first attempt, so we will get better over time. i got the overalls at an estate sale when we first moved to MI. and i added the cute little red belt (also thrifted) for some color. also, i found two sets of adorable glasses at the thrift store the other day, and they fit perfectly into our shoot. so, other than the photoshoot, today was pretty slow and relaxing. as is tonight. i've got some estate sales on the agenda for tomorrow morning, and since i'm not usually an early riser, i've gotta get to bed a little earlier tonight. last weekend we almost missed the most amazing sale ever because we slept in too late. that will not happen this weekend! :) i'm still rearranging and cleaning in preparation for my parents and grandma to come on Wednesday. i'm so excited! they will be our first visitors. i've got all sorts of fun things planned for us to do. number one being thrifting! ok, well i'm off to craft for a while. night.