the little things...


there's nothing better than a bottle of wine for $3.99... :)

today i attended the craziest thrift store sale EVER! it was insane. seriously. they were having an end-of- summer sale with everything in the store 60% off. so, i went thrifting here last week, and when they told me about the sale they said to get there early because of the craziness. well, i didn't really believe them. however, i had to take A to work this morning, so i was up, and therefore, i decided to just stop by when they opened. i was literally pulling up to the store right at 9 a.m., and the parking lot was completely full, overflowing, in fact! i could hardly find a parking spot, and the line was out the door! oh my! i have really never seen anything like this. needless to say, i spent about three hours at the sale and got some great stuff! :) i'll post pictures soon. i actually didn't shop for myself too much; i got some stuff for my mom, dad, grandma and A instead. it was fun to shop for other people as i am usually way selfish and only get things for myself. i DID get a few clothing items for me, but the majority of things i got are for others. :)

ok, now an update on Moe (the rescue kitty we can't keep). i think we have found him a home! a lady is coming to pick him up tomorrow to take him to her elderly neighbor. ehh. i know he isn't my kitty, but i still feel responsible for him, and i hope this will be a good home. i plan on leaving my number and address just in case the kitty and/or new parent needs anything. i'm really kind of dreading the hand off tomorrow. he's been staying here a couple days, and he is the sweetest little kitty. i ultimately just want him to have a good loving home. so, here's to hoping.

on another note, A and i tried out a new restaurant tonight. it was a Mediterranean bar and grill called Woody's. they have THE best hummus ever! that's what i ordered and A had a falafel burger with fries. it was sooo delicious. they also carry like 20 local beers on draft, so A was in heaven. he tried out a new beer, and i stuck with the old standby, wine. which smelled heavenly. i'm not kidding. it was the best smelling wine ever. overall, great experience. we will definitely be going back.

ok, well i'm pretty busy watching reality tv, so this is all for now...hehe

til later...