my sweet furry baby, maggie

well, i've been trying to give the blog a makeover, but it turns out i'm really not that good. hah! i thought i'd be able to have A teach me a little about xml or html or whatever, but i didn't learn too much. so anyways, this is the look for a while til i can learn more. so we are finally getting settled into our new place.  A is loving his new job which i am so happy about.  and i am still looking for a job. eh. i guess i'm not really looking too hard and i'm not really in a hurry, but we'll see what happens. i've found some amazing thrift stores right near our house, and i've found some great treasures already.  i'll be taking pictures of some of my finds soon and posting them. we found out this week that our great friends that are currently living in AZ are moving back to the midwest in a month! we can't wait! they will be just a short train ride away. i'm already planning weekend visits! ok, so i haven't been eating very healthy lately and i just haven't been leading a healthy lifestyle all together.  i really need to get back in the routine of working out.  i like doing yoga, pilates and balanceball workouts at home, but i haven't been motivated.  i've been feeling really homesick since we moved and i just haven't been motivated to do much of anything.  so my mental health and physical health both need jump starts.  i'm thinking i will try to start fresh on monday morning. get up when A goes to work, eat b-fast, work out then hopefully get some sewing and scrapping done.  that's my plan thus far.  i'll report back how it goes on monday.  ok, til later.