new $20 chair - Discount Dave's

paper crafts i made for the sunporch

fall scarf and vintage pumps - Hidden Treasures Thrift

so yesterday was a little crazy. i got into a little accident. everyone is fine, but i rear ended someone. ugh. it was my first accident ever. and let's hope it will never happen again. ok, so it was my fault. i thought the lady went when the light turned green, but she didn't and i did. needless to say, the lady was not very happy. in fact, she was very mean and belittling to me. obviously, i didn't mean for the accident to happen. that's why it's called an accident. anyways, no one was hurt and there was little to no damage to the vehicles. and let's just say it wasn't going to help the situation to be mean and nasty, but the lady apparently thought it would. so yeah. bad day. and now i kind of only want to ride my bike everywhere. so before the accident, my day was going along pretty well. i went thrifting and found some great stuff. i got lotsa new craft supplies, a few  sweaters for fall, and some pumps and a scarf (pictured above). after i picked A up from work we came home to relax after my stressful encounter. we drank a little wine and played catch in the backyard. it was such a nice day. windy, sunny and cool. then all last night i played around with my new crafting supplies. i made a canopy to hang over the daybed on the sun  porch. and i made some decorations for the guest room. my parents and grandma are coming to visit over labor day weekend, so i'm busy getting things in order for when they come. A's birthday is also over labor day weekend, so i need to start making some plans as to what i'm gonna get him and what we are gonna do to celebrate. i think it'd be fun to go to the beach :) but that's just me. ok, well time for more crafting. til later...