wooden owl painting - hidden treasures thrift store

ceramic lamb planter - megamall antique center

'70s style mugs and pitcher - goodwill emporium

cute victorian shoes (fit perfectly by the way) - megamall antique center

glass jars - volunteers of america thrift store

vintage jackie o dress - salvation army

vintage handmade? patchwork dress - goodwill emporium

and there you have it... my recent thrift finds!

so this week i did some seriously successful thrifting! i posted pics of some of my finds and there are more to come. today was awesome! A came home from work and we went to the mega mall antique store. i found a few cute things there like my vintage victorian shoes and my little lamb planter. A found more gallon glass jars for his wine-making, which, by the way, he will be starting a new batch soon! :) but, the best part came on the way home. we stopped at this new thrift store right along the same road as the mega mall. it was amazing! we bought a couch, daybed and recliner. i can't wait to post pictures! they are seriously awesome. i felt like there was no way we could pass them up (well, maybe the recliner). but anyways, we got a really good deal (A was wheelin' and dealin'). i've never seen him negotiate like that before. lol, that must mean he really didn't want to be making those purchases. so, the couch is in great condition while the daybed needs a little work.  i think it can be brought up to greatness :) the recliner is so so. it definitely fits with our current home decor. it's like an ugly brownish yellowish orange color...similar to our couch. well, i guess i don't think it's ugly, but most people would (like my dad who will surely have an opinion on it). the daybed was a good purchase because my mom, dad and grandma are coming to visit in a week, and we needed an extra sleeping space. we have a guest room, but there's only one full bed in it to accommodate my mom and dad. so this way, we have another single person sleeping space when other visitors come. on another note, i'm drinking wine (moscato, my favorite!) and watching a new say yes to the dress atlanta. i don't know why i love this show so much, especially since i'm already married and will never need a wedding dress again. But, nevertheless, i watch it. some of the people on this show are seriously crazy and spoiled. it kind of makes me mad. :) ok well that's all for now. i don't want to start ranting about say yes to the dress, so til later!