Weekend Recap


Oops, a few days late for a weekend recap, but I wanted to share anyhow.
The mister and I love taking road trips, and I really love thrifting as we all know.
So frequently I can con him into taking me out of town on the weekends for some treasure hunting.
Not only do I get to scour all the local thrift stores, but we also get a chance to check out more of Michigan.
You see, it's perfect!

Anyway, this past weekend was sort of a bust, and I'm fairly certain the mister is to blame...
He totally jinxed us by predicting we were going to find some great stuff that day.
He 'had a good feeling'..PSHH!
Hah, but really, the area was pretty disappointing on the thrifting front.
We found one neat flea market (where we picked up a few treasures) and a cute little restaurant, so I guess it wasn't a total loss.
Still, probably not going back anytime soon.
That's the thing about thrifting though, some days are hits and others misses.
The adventure is what it's all about.

Coffee table makeover post coming Thursday!