End of a Season


Today the mister and I attended the last local flea market of the season.
Somehow I've managed to get thrifting on the agenda every free weekend we've had lately, but I'm guessing it won't last much longer.
Anywho, all the finds pictured above were picked up over the past few days.

Bag of vintage plastic clothespins- $4.00
Seafoam green purse- $0.99
Antique embroidery- $1.99
1920's books- $5.00
Recipe box- $2.00
Flower clutch- $0.99
Amish butterprint Pyrex dish- $1.99

I'm expediting the opening of my Etsy shop due to the fact that I'll be starting grad school in January!
I am hoping to get everything up and running smoothly way before I have too much on my plate to handle.
It's been a little stressful getting started, but I cannot wait to open up shop!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend.