D.I.Y. Coffee Table Makeover


^^^^^^^^^Before & During^^^^^^^^^
Eeep! I'm so excited to share a second D.I.Y. here on the blog!
This is another super simple, quick and cheap makeover.
We bought this coffee table for $10 at the local Bargain Barn (same place the $3 cart from the last DIY was found).
It was in obvious need of a little work but had much potential.
I'd been on the lookout for a coffee table for some time and was initially set on finding a mid-century style.
I scoured the thrift stores to absolutely no avail, and all the beauties I found online were way more than I was willing to pay.
So when I found the one above, I was sort of settling.
It wasn't what I was looking for at all, but the price was right.
I knew we could fix it up, and I thought maybe we would hold onto it until I found a better one.
Now that it's finished though, I really love it!
It's a definite keeper.

Supplies needed (or what we used):
Sandpaper & Electric drill
Chalkboard paint

First we popped the ugly, cracked mirror off, then sanded down the top of the table.
We left the rest of the table in slight disrepair (i.e. chips and cracks) for a more shabby chic look. Well that, or we were just too lazy to sand the whole thing. Hah.
A couple coats of chalkboard paint later, and voila! You've got yourself a nice lookin' little coffee table.
See? Super simple and cheap! Just how I like it.

Disclaimer: These makeover projects can become highly addictive.
The mister and I are on a roll lately! Be looking out for more regularly scheduled DIYs here on the blog!