D.I.Y. Felt Hairbow


Last night I was feeling a little crafty, so I headed to JoAnn to look around.
(Terrible idea, by the way. 4-5 days before Halloween, yeah...the line was at least 40 people long!)
Anywho I picked up a couple pieces of colorful felt not really knowing what I wanted to make.
When I got home, I just sort of sat down and free-handed this project.
About half way through I decided I better start taking some pictures so I could blog it.
It was a super quick and easy project that took little to no skill. Perfect, yeah?!

Here are the steps:
1. Cut out the bow shape you want from the felt sheet/s ( I made mine reversible)
2. Glue the two felt pieces together
3. Next stitch them together (I did a basic straight stitch)
4. Take a scrap piece of felt and tie it around the center of the bow.
5. Attach the bow to a hair clip (I used an old one I had laying around)

Voila! You have your very own felt hairbow!
It was such a quick project that I made a few more in varying shapes, sizes and colors.
I wore the yellow & gray one to work today and plan on wearing them way too often.
Let me know if you try this project!