Thrift Finds


Holy cow!
Sorry for the unintentional brief hiatus.
We took a little vacation over the holiday weekend to celebrate the mister's birthday.
And by little, I mean we drove a long ass way. 9.5 hours to be exact. Yeah...
Well worth the trip though.
Pictures coming soon :)

Since I've last posted much thrifting has been done.
Many treasures have been found.
Pictured above are a very few.
Blue Webster typewriter- $15.00 (so worth it!)
Owl clock (yes, another one)- $1.99
60s Keane prints- $2.99
Canvas sailboat wall hanging- $4.99
Vint. flower shoe holder- $0.79
Cake carrier- $5.00

Recently acquired treasures not pictured above:
vintage denim wrap skirt, a bunch of vinyl ($1/each), colorful tablecloths ($1.99/each), pyrex cake pan ($1.99), a bunch of books ($1 or less), orange/white thermos ($1.99), ton of owl stuff (c/o Aaron's aunt), beautiful old quilt made by Aaron's great-grandma, two mid-century end tables (c/o A's parents)

That's all I can think of...for now.