Weekend Recap


I didn't even realize until I was going through my pictures how many sweets I consumed this weekend.
Good thing I've started back to the gym, huh.
Besides eating sugary treats, this weekend was spent day-tripping, treasure picking, and school visiting.
Earlier this week I finalized and submitted my grad school application!
I am beyond excited and nervous. Just playing the waiting game now.
I've been contemplating going back to school ever since I graduated almost three years ago, so needless to say, it's about time.
Although I haven't been accepted yet, I'm optimistic, and I really wanted to check out the campus, so the mister and I took a little trip to Detroit on Saturday.
We also stopped in at IKEA on the way!
I was soooo excited to go. I'm a dork, yes, but I've only been to one once before.
We found some amazing fabric (think origami woodland creatures) that I'm going to use to make pillow covers and a few other little items.
Yes, IKEA was fun, but visiting campus really got me looking forward to returning to school.
So cross your fingers :)

P.S. See that first picture? All my dreams came true one day while perusing the ice cream isle at my local Kroger after leaving the gym. Who knew about this new flavor and didn't tell me?!

P.S.S. The mister and I partook in some Sunday pickin' today, and I can't wait to show you what we found!
New project posts coming soon!