The Farm


I know, major photo overload, but can you blame me?!
I wanted to post a few pictures of our Labor Day/Birthday weekend trip to southern Illinois.
Affectionately known as 'the farm' to family and friends, this little corner of the world is presently home to Aaron's parents, aunt and their many furry friends.
The mister grew up spending weekends, summers and holidays here, and not surprisingly it's always held a special place in his heart.
Ever since we first starting dating eight years ago (whoa!) he's been more than ecstatic to 'drag' me down south every chance he gets.
It didn't take too long for this place to grow on me (ok, maybe a few trips), and to this day I couldn't be more in love.
Every second spent at the farm feels like vacation. It's truly amazing.
From lounging on the deck & watching the herons on the lake to late night card games and wine tastings, it's always an adventure.
It makes me so happy to think that one day we'll be able to share this place with our children as Aaron's parents were able to share with him and his sister.