Dog Days


This little lady can't catch a break.
Last week it was an ear infection. This week, a hot spot.
I swear we are paying our vet's mortgage this month! Seriously.
Poor girl is just a miserable mess lately.
I first noticed the hot spot last Friday night, and seeing as how I've never encountered this problem before, I didn't think much of it. I figured it would heal with time.
Little did I know...
by this evening it was lookin' pretty bad and was bothering her a great deal, so we took her in.
They had to knock her out, clean her up and then prescribe a handful of meds/ointments. Turns out it was way worse than I thought and will take a few months to heal.
(I know, such a bad mommy!)
Afterwards she was acting pretty silly from the gas, but we could tell she still felt terrible,
so we treated her to an ice cream cone.
Tonight she's drugged up and passed out.
Going to the vet is always a taxing experience for her and us; she realllllly hates it there, and she's quite dramatic about it.
She typically pees/poops all over, has to be muzzled/sedated for trying to bite the vet or tech, and yelps at the top of her lungs to let everyone know just how much she hates being there.
If she's not happy, no one is happy.
Needless to say, we only take her in when it's really necessary, and unfortunately today it was.
So here's to hoping she feels better soon.