dressUp day


I have been absolutely terrible at updating my blog lately- although I am still sick. I just can't shake it! I have been sick for a little over a week now. What is this about? It's not even that cold out yet. Hmph. Oh well. I needed to get active today so I made myself take some pictures. I got the skirt and vest pictured above at a rummage sale last month. They are amazing. I have been wearing the vest everywhere, but I hadn't yet gotten a chance to wear the skirt. It's super warm and woolly; therefore, I see a happy future for it this winter paired with some sweater tights and tall boots. The skirt came with a belt- which I do have on, but you cannot see very well. I'm very amateur when it comes to taking photos (I'm sure you can tell). They typically turn out much better when the mister takes them- alas, one of us has to work for a living, so he was not around. ;) Okay, well I am taking off to go thrifting for a bit!