unplanned Break


So, I've been terrible about updating my blog lately- oops! I get in these weird funky moods sometimes and kind of just stop doing things. I've been feeling really homesick and missing my family; luckily, Thanksgiving is coming up and I'll get to see them then! Also, I haven't really been thrifting as much lately- gasp! (hence the cute picture of my sweet furry baby Maggie) I've been going to the gym a lot, and that's about it. Oh, but I do have an interview on Friday! It's definitely time to get a job. It was exciting being unemployed for a while, but now I'm just super bored and lazy-feeling all the time. We have been in MI for almost three months and still no job! I mean, it's not totally my fault that I don't have a job- the unemployment rate here is like the highest in the country- but I could be trying a little harder.

Well, on a happier note, Amanda and I are working on solidifying plans for our etsy shop! We will be featuring handmade AND vintage items! I can't wait. Truthfully, opening an online shop is a lot of work! I'm sure a lot of people already knew that- but I didn't. Not to mention the fact that we are in separate states- so that makes it a bit harder as well. But we are both pretty excited and motivated to make it work! I'll be sure to update on our progress- as I'm sure she will too.

ok, til later...