When Your Bank Account is Empty, Cache Out.


As my first semester of grad school winds down, the second is only one step behind.
I have about a two week break before summer school starts, and I intend to use this time to catch up on life.
I'm going to read as many books as possible, spend as much time outdoors as Mother Nature will allow, mail my friends letters and treasures, eat lots of ice cream, get this blog back up and running and whatever else I can cram into this short window of time.
Happy Earth Day, by the way!
The mister and I celebrated yesterday with our new hobby...
I guess you could describe it as treasure hunting for adults, although I'm sure kids enjoy it as well.
While not all caches contain treasure, it's more fun to think of it this way (at least for me), and our first cache did have a few little treasures!
It's a great adventure that gets you up and out of the house, and I highly recommend giving it a try.
I know we're hooked.
To learn more, check here or here.

P.S. I must give props to the movie that sparked my interest in geocaching- Splinterheads. It's on Netflix in case you're interested.