It's Hard to Be a Junker When You Rent (and other ramblings)


So this morning I woke up with this thought ^^^ and the more I've thought about it, the more it rings true (and bothers me). When the mister and I were first married we rented a house, and a pretty large house at that. For two newlyweds with one small dog we didn't really need three bedrooms. Nevertheless, we (and by we, I mean me) quickly filled up the house. I can't even count all the furniture that came in and went out of that house. Little did I know, that was just the beginning. For a short time after living in that house, we were in transition. We lived in an apartment for about three months before moving to where we are now. While we lived in said apartment I was unemployed, and that's where the real trouble began. It's not like my addiction came out of nowhere, there were signs previously, I just didn't know how bad it would/could get. I started spending my days hunting for treasures. Lucky for me, my new surroundings supported this habit. There were flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales galore. In the short three months we lived there my collection had grown (and it's only continued to grow from there). When we moved to Michigan I thought I had to have a house. What else would I do with all my stuff?! I had already become very close with all my treasures. Anyhoo, jump forward almost two years to the present. Yes, I'm still "collecting," although some may call it hoarding. But the real problem is that I love all my treasures. Really love. I think we have an unhealthy relationship. I did have grand plans of opening up shop online and selling some of my goods, but that never happened. The idea was greater than the motivation. Now faced with the dilemma of possibly having to move in August, I'm getting a little overwhelmed. Actually a lot overwhelmed. I have SO MUCH STUFF. But what do I get rid of? "Not that! I loooove it so much!" That's how the conversation goes (in my head). Okay, all of this is backstory leading up to today.

Today is my day off. Typically on my days off I sleep in, wake up super hungry, stuff my face, look around at how messy the house is, then decide to spend the day online instead of cleaning or organizing. This day is no different. So far it's gone according to plan, err habit. I'll probably straighten up a bit before the mister gets home from work so it doesn't look like I'm a complete lazy mess, but other than that, meh. That's generally my answer to things- meh. Wow I sound like a complete piece of work. Anyhoo, back to the point, if there is such a thing here. I was perusing Pinterest, the mother of all procrastination tools, and one click led to another which eventually led me to the Minimalist Mom site. Then, after a little oiling, the wheels started turning. "I can do it! I can get rid! I can simplify! But what about all my treasuuuures?!" The voice is still there, don't think it went away so quickly. I'm still trying to get motivated to get out of this computer chair. Maybe I thought if I wrote this all out it would help. Not that that's ever worked before, but hey, maybe 18th time is a charm? Disclaimer: I think the wheels actually started turning a week ago or so. When our taxes were due. Yeah, due. This is the first year instead of being issued a refund, we issued the government a big check. It stung a little. A lot. I complained at work, to my family, all the time. I mean our checking account was depleted. How were we supposed to live?!! Hmm, maybe like we used to live when we were students, which is not that far in the past. Duh. How quickly we forget. Well, it's been a week of living *frugally, and we are still alive. I think we are going to make it. This gives me hope. It also makes me believe I can change. Things can change. I'm typically the furthest thing from Positive Polly, but I'm trying (with the help of my meds, of course). Don't worry I'll be back with more thoughts on this matter soon.

*My definition of frugal and yours are likely much different. Mine involves fewer trips to the thrift store, fewer meals out, no weekend getaways, etc.