Over the past few months I thought about updating the blog a handful of times, but each time I got too focused on hating my layout. I then spent hours changing templates, tweaking things here and there, and reworking my banner, all of this ending in total frustration and thus, no blog posts. So now, this is it. Super simple and quite possibly pretty dull. But I like it. I'm sure I'll change up a few things eventually seeing as how my taste changes every other day, but for the time being, it works.

A few other life updates-

The mister and I saw Radiohead last month! It was amazing. We also took a little trip to the beach a few weekends ago, finally. Pictures to come. I'm rethinking graduate school. I took the summer off, and I'm not quite sure I'll be returning in the fall. My furry babies are lazier than ever. We rearranged the whole house. We've been grilling out every chance we get. And going on picnics. We bought a pool. It's just a blowup, but it's big enough for a few people to swim around. I thrifted a new record player (pictured above, half cleaned up). The mister built me a sweet garment rack for all of my vintage dresses. And well I suppose that's it for now.

Happy Summer!