Down By the Water


While I was home over the holidays I had the pleasure of hanging with a family friend who also happens to be an amazing photographer.
(He took our engagement pictures way back when)
Turns out he had just recently purchased a new camera and wanted to take it out for a test run.
Can you believe these pictures were taken in the middle of December?! No snow. No coat. Perfection.
I am pretty thrilled with how the pictures turned out. Other than my doofy expressions and slightly awkward poses, they look fantastic. I'd say that camera's a keeper ;)
Now if only I could get him to take all the pictures for my blog. A girl can dream, right?
You can check out more of this work here and here.
Thanks again Niall!

P.S. Back in high school when the mister and I were first dating we used to take pictures down by this river. It's a special place always near and dear to my heart.

P.P.S. It was tough picking my favorite shots, so I'm sure I'll be sharing a few more soon.