Welcoming 2012


It’s interesting waking up on New Year’s Day in a non-hungover state.
Instead of moaning and groaning things like “oh lord my head hurts” and “please don’t let me vomit all over myself” I had time to think about what this new year means, or better yet, what the new year brings.
I know what you’re thinking…this girl must be an alcoholic if that’s what she woke up thinking, but no, I’m not. I may have had one too many glasses of wine this past year, but that no longer matters and you’ll soon learn why.

With the passing of 2011, I am releasing myself from caring about all the things that I didn't accomplish this past year as opposed to listing my resolutions for the new year. I've decided to take a different approach this time around as it seems the second I say I’m going to do something, it never gets done. So here goes.

It no longer matters that I went to bed grumpy last night and didn’t bother staying up until midnight to ring in the new year as the majority of my generation traditionally does.
It also no longer matters that I didn’t file my 2010 taxes until October of 2011.
It no longer matters that I forgot to send birthday cards and well wishes to way too many people this past year.
It no longer matters that I only went to the gym a handful of times, yet paid for a yearlong membership.
It no longer matters that I may have had one too many glasses bottles of wine and passed out only to wake up in a state of utter agony the next day having forgotten everything.
It no longer matters that I thrifted a shit ton of vintage goods for a shop that I never ended up opening.
It no longer matters that I missed a doctor’s appointment, never called or rescheduled, and never went back.
It no longer matters that I never found the perfect shade of lipstick for my coloring despite the many tubes purchased.
It no longer matters that I didn’t make it home for important matters such as birthdays, high school graduations and funerals.
It no longer matters that I didn't respond to thousands of texts, messages or emails in a timely manner by any standards.
And it no longer matters that I apparently spent all year long worrying about these things, rather than getting them done.

These things no longer matter because it’s a new year.

Contrary to what it may seem, this isn’t about focusing on the negative, it’s about recognizing, letting go and moving forward.

Like I said, I’m taking a new approach this year, so I didn’t particularly set any resolutions because of the fear that setting them would ultimately crush them. However, looking back on my list, it is clear the ways in which I can improve. I am hoping that by working on all these little things, it will accumulate to a better me in 2012.

Here's to a happy and healthy new year! <3

P.S. It’s interesting that after almost a month of not blogging, not feeling like I had anything to say, yet feeling like something was missing, this all comes pouring out the morning of new year’s day. It's just what I needed. I'm ready for a new year of blogging.
P.P.S. Props to anyone who actually read this all the way through :)