Sunday Pickin'


Last Sunday the mister and I went pickin' around town.
Here are a few of our finds.

Coffee table- $10.00
Wall bottle opener- $2.00
Daisy Cinderella Pyrex- $4.99
Spool wooden bed frame- $10.01
Children's chalkboard- $0.99
White wooden frame- $0.99

Generally when I'm thrifting I try to only pick up things that fit with/in our current space, but
I've recently decided not to pass up a good find when I see one even if I don't have the exact place for it at this time. Does that make sense? Or am I a total hoarder? :/
Anyway, the spooled wooden bed frame is one such find.
At $10.00 how could I not buy it?
It will eventually be the guest bed frame which at this time is being occupied by my brother.
The coffee table, on the other hand, was bought with intent to makeover and use.
It's now sitting pretty in front of my fireplace.
Makeover pictures coming soon!

Happy Sunday!