Sunday Sailing


This past weekend the mister, my brother and I were invited to go sailing.
None of us had ever been before, so we were definitely up for the adventure.
Luckily, the weather was absolutely perfect on Sunday! Just gorgeous. Optimal sailing conditions as well we were told.
The boat belongs to my good friend and coworker Stephanie's dad, and these pictures can't even begin to show the boat's beauty.
If I remember correctly it was built in Taiwan in 1979, all teak wood (yeah Steph?).
I don't really know anything about sailboats, or any boats for that matter, but it was such an amazing, serene experience being on the water that day.
The mister, now nicknamed Captain Collie, learned the ropes so to speak from Steph's dad.
He was basically a sailing pro by the end of the day :)
I'm now looking forward to owning a sailboat in our future. Maybe after a few raises.